Grease Gun - How To Use A Grease-Gun Properly

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welcome back friends to a very chilly

day on the homestead we woke up to 11

degrees this morning I've got to plow

some snow we've actually Believe It or

Not got another storm coming in today

we're gonna cover grease guns I'm gonna

tell you everything you ever wanted to

know about them the proper use how to

pick up the right one and a simple hack

that will make it about a thousand times

better so working in excavating for 15

years I have pumped a lot of grease and

handled a lot of grease guns so the

reason why I have a brand new one here

is I can't find mine I have no idea if

someone borrowed it fell I have I

couldn't find it I've looked searched

high and low so I went back to the

drawing board and thought okay let's see

what's what's available out there so

your grease guns basically are gonna