Beginner tutorial - Starting your Zero turn mower

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hey youtubers mike fords with my course

channel thank you for watching in

today's video we are going to walk you

through the step-by-step process on how

to properly and safely start your brand

new gravely lawnmower

all right youtubers in the garage now

and in front of us is our gravely pro

turn zx60 lawnmower it is a zero turn

mower which is awesome

if you're new to the zero turn mower

world you are going to love this this is

a whole unique

and new way of mowing the technology and

designs of lawn mowers have come a long

way over the recent decades

so with that said in this video we are

going to run you through the important

steps on how to

safely and properly start your engine


refer to your owner's manual because it

lays it out in a step-by-step manner

number one push

pto knob down to off position number two

move steering levers to neutral position

and so forth with the steps so from here

let's hop on the mower and prior to

hopping on the mower

obviously do your before start checklist

and we have already performed that

in the event that you want guidance on

how to do a before start checklist that

link is scrolling above it's extremely

important to do that

do a 360 walk around of your mower make


nothing is in the way that could cause

harm or damage to your lawnmower

and at the same time make sure during

your 360 walk around that there's

nothing that your lawnmower can

harm or damage after you start the

engine and move the mower outside to

begin your mowing so after this 360 walk

around go ahead and hop

on the mower carefully

and what we'll do is we'll do this

together we'll walk through the steps

step number one push pto knob down

to off position just to the right you've

got a whole selection of things on your

control panel here and you've got your

thrust lever your pto knob which again

step one push it down

in the off position in the event it was

up as you can see with this pictorial

icon here

by pulling it up that engages your lower

blades underneath your deck to cut the

grass and in the event that this knob is

up guess what that's a safety feature

and that will not allow you to start

your engine so again step one push that

pto knob down

step two move steering levers to neutral


got one on the right hand side and one

on the left hand side and

make sure they're in neutral which they

are step number three

is engage the parking brake and the

parking brake is right here by pulling

the lever up

that engages the parking brake or turns

it on and by pushing it down that turns

the parking brake off now in the event

that you forget this step and you have

your parking brake down and

in the off position guess what your

engine will not start you have to pull

your parking brake up and engage it

step number four if engine is cold pull

choke knob

up to on position and guess what our

engine has been

off for a week now and the only time

this engine has run was when it was

dropped off and backed up

off the trailer and backed into the

garage as you can see here you've got

your power meter and it's 0.1

so there is not even 20 minutes of time

on this mower so again ours is cold

however in the event that your engine is

warm or hot turn

choke off never ever ever attempt to

start a warm engine

with this choke on because you will over

prime the system and your engine will

not start so again our engine is cold

pull the choke to the up position as

shown here on to step 5

set throttle to slow speed here is your

throttle and right now it is in the slow

speed or turtle mode

step number six insert ignition key and

turn to start position and release the

key when engine starts

before you do that make sure you read

the additional steps and become familiar

with what you do right after the engine

starts so for example notice do not

operate the starter for more than 10

seconds at a time that's important

because in the event that you

shift your key to the start position as

you can see off run

and start and you continue cranking it

for more than 10 seconds guess what that

starter down below is gonna heat

up and you are going to damage your

starter do not do that

if it's not starting turn your key off

and wait

60 seconds as your owner's manual states

here and again that is for a cool down

period between starting attempts number

seven if choke is on which ours will be

because we have a cold engine wait a few

seconds after engine starts and then


choke knob down to off position and it's

important to know make sure choke is

completely off because in the event that

it is not your engine will not

run smoothly using partial choke in

other words you are

unbalancing the fuel air mixture in your

engine and your engine is going to


and shake a bit and after those very

important steps i am going to

immediately and carefully drive the

mower out of the garage to alleviate all

those exhaust fumes gathering inside my


so again to recap go ahead and take a

seat on the mower pto down in the off


parking brake up thrust lever to turtle

choke all the way up in the event that

your engine is cold

steering levers in the neutral position

and start

after it starts this key is spring

loaded to go back to the run position

allow your choke to remain on five to


seconds you can see a little bit of

smoke coming out the rear end

and once you push your choke lever down

that will alleviate all that smoke

so it's been a few seconds choke is down

all the way

next parking brake off




all right youtubers we are going to

allow the engine to run up for about

five to ten minutes prior to beginning

our mowing and during that five minutes

just do a walk around and make sure that

nothing's leaking make sure no

fuel is leaking on the ground no oils

leaking anywhere

just do a full 360 of your lawnmower

and everything is looking good back in

the mower you'll notice on

the lower setting or turtle setting of

the thrust levers however it's extremely

important in the event that you have

this pto

on and you are mowing with this thrust

lever anywhere

lower than the rabbit you are going to

add extreme

stress wear and tear on your lower belt

system built inside your deck

you do not want to do that so from here

i'm going to turn the key off

and just like that we've got point two

on the engine and what we are going to

do now

is we are going to make a separate video

on the best practices

or steps to take for the most proper and

efficient cut

of your lawn using your brand new mower

so definitely check out the links


above it will take you to that video so

that's it youtubers hopefully the video

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