How To Operate A Genie Scissor Lift

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each one of these pins here starts all

that had a sequin I want to make sure

those are properly installed we also

want to make sure that there's no

missing chunks out of the tires even if

the tread is worn down that's okay as

long as the equipment is level it

provides good stability a lot of things

want to check you want to make sure that

the battery isn't charging up for our

operation go ahead and open it up and

even if the batteries are indicated low

one of the things is if it's low on

battery fluid it won't hold a full

charge so it might indicate that it's

fully charged but it's really only in

about 50 percent capacity so you want to

double check and make sure that they're

topped off with distilled water we also

want to make sure that all the battery

terminals are properly secured and