How To Operate A Genie Scissor Lift

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each one of these pins here starts all

that had a sequin I want to make sure

those are properly installed we also

want to make sure that there's no

missing chunks out of the tires even if

the tread is worn down that's okay as

long as the equipment is level it

provides good stability a lot of things

want to check you want to make sure that

the battery isn't charging up for our

operation go ahead and open it up and

even if the batteries are indicated low

one of the things is if it's low on

battery fluid it won't hold a full

charge so it might indicate that it's

fully charged but it's really only in

about 50 percent capacity so you want to

double check and make sure that they're

topped off with distilled water we also

want to make sure that all the battery

terminals are properly secured and

connected there's not an excessive

amount of corrosion on it we also want

to make sure that the circuit breaker

that's here is still intact and all that

the lip and all the wires in this area

are secured where they're supposed to be

going so just don't take it yank and put

too much pressure on because we don't

want to make something loose that's not

actually taking to check the batteries

go ahead and move over there's not much

to see in here but if we have to there

are control panels and control valves

we're not leaving any fluid at all

go check the back tire make sure it's

not missing any chokes or anything out

of it make sure that the cotter pens are

installed torque stripe is there and

once again make sure that these C clips

are installed on this side notice the

middle one head pull that go all the way

through we want to make sure that

they're installed in the nuts are tight

as we're coming around we're making sure

that the railings are nice and straight

and they're not going to fall off over

all operating make sure all the nut

bolts nice and tight when we come to

this side we're going to make sure that

there's no pinched hoses or anything

like that it's immediately visible to us

a couple of them having to had plastic

spacers between them so there's not

metal metal contact

come around checking the other tires

making sure it's not missing any chunks

out of it you can pop open this panel

and make sure that these control valves

are clean not leaking and the electrical

connectors are still connected

and then pop open this panel

we want to make sure that the hydraulic

pump is not leaking make sure that the

motor the wires are connected and

secured properly and make sure that the

hydraulic level tank is between its

minimum and its maximum

make sure that the last tire is in good

solid condition and at any time we're

operating equipment we want to make sure

that it operates in functions properly

so we want to make sure different

functions properly at the base in order

to do that we want to make sure that our

selector switch to select it to the

right to indicate that we want to

operate from the base station down here

anytime we want to make a movement we

need to press the power button and then

either hug down notice that when we go

down you get the audible food for the

security warning to alert others around

so let's go ahead and raise the limb up

there you do have a level sensor down

here that if it gets out of level it's

going to freeze the equipment we also

have a horn down here you want to make

sure that he hoses that are going to the

cylinder or impact and he wants up to

make sure any of the hoses or wires that

are going up there set don't look like

they're getting pinched or binding in

any sort of way the other thing we

really want to make sure is we don't

want anybody stuck up in the air not

able to get down so before we go up in

it we want to make sure that we test

their engines release by simply pulling

it out and making sure the hydraulic

fluid leads off and the scissor

compacting on the level once this is

once we know that that operates

we'll start about 6 feet up there and

make sure it lowers back down that

basically completes all the function

checks of everything on the ground we

can then switch it over to make sure the

control is all the way to the left and

we have controls up in the basket and

then we can walk around go up and we'll

test all the controls from the basket at

your operating or scissor-bill for the

first time y'all want to think

to make sure the three operators

whole operation and limitations

of the equipment

and all of our scissor lifts and all of

our bones

you're going to start using the sizzle

it we've already done the walk around on

the bottom make sure everything is safe

does he care once we find the position

that we're going to be in in our

overhead space is clear

you want to make sure we

- sobs which is club

and then we want to make sure that

especially with this center lift

with additional outriggers because it's

very narrow those are fully extended and

that the scissor is on

down on the Outrigger button

and pull them handle to the back

you'll start to hear the outriggers go


hard to move around want to hold down

the button

in the handle

until the platform stops moving there's

a loud solid bottom

that indicates that the

at point in time we'd like to go up in

the air we've got two functions we have

the drive function on the right and the

race function on the left

we've got six lines indicating and we

have a full charge on the battery

we want to go up in the air now that are

out regulars are

or green lights on so even there

when I click the raise button now point

we can squeeze the trigger

and it's proportional you push it

forward a little bit it'll go up slowly

you push it forward a lot of it it'll go

up fast

the height that you prefer

you can then start to perform your work

want to drive remember that your

outriggers are down you're not

able to drive

we suggest only driving if you're on a

smooth flat sir

here on any kind of unapproved service

outriggers must be out out out

when you're ready to come back he'll

notice there's no function in the


that's because it

we want to drive

raise and lower

pull the trigger and then remove it back

coming down is not as proportional it's

not as controlled who don't be scared

when it jerks around once we're ready to

raise the outriggers back up press the

button squeeze the trigger push the

handle forward the platform will begin

to move as the outriggers come back up

and it comes back to its natural surface

hold it down there is no beep or

indication that they're fully retracted

but it will stop moving

at that point we can then select the

drive future

we always have to squeeze the trigger

there are two buttons on the top of the

twice-baked the left button

to the right

keep in mind the toys

it can be facing a different direction

know which direction you're going just

lightly glance over the edge take a look

at where you're tired as far

you can turn it

you move forward by pushing the joystick

in the forward direction and anytime you

anytime between movements a lot of times

it might reset and you stop moving for a

second so make sure that it's selected

and I'll show a little circle over the

type of movement

use the treasures the question

you can also tap the buckle left right

now the other thing is if you want to

now that we don't have outriggers out

we're on a fairly level service you can

push the raise next n button we can

raise up into the air

we're only going to take it up about


bring it to a stop and then you can

select the drive function which will

allow us to move while we're up in the


but the amount of movement

is drastically reduced so the higher up

you go the slower it will move to

maintain it stability

to go back press the down button

make sure that all these functions work

you get all the way up in the air when

you're done make sure that you get the

emergency stop button and turn the

switch off to the battery