Genie ZX135 Familiarisation Video

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this familiarization video has been

developed to help trained operators of

powered access equipment understand the

general safety and operating features of

this machine while every effort is made

to ensure that the information provided

is accurate and up-to-date nationwide

platforms accepts no liability for

reliance on the contents of this video

which has been produced for guidance

only it is not intended to replace the

manufacturers manual this machine is an

iPad category 3 B Mobile elevating work

platform or mute for short if you do not

hold this category license then you

should consult your employer do not

operate this machine operator

responsibilities before using the

Machine please ensure the machine has an

up-to-date thorough examination it is a

mandatory requirement that a pre-use

check is completed this should include a

full function check of all controls

including the emergency lowering

controls please refer to the Machine

warning decals and operator's manual

before use ground controls


the key switch and boom functions

including the emergency stop an auxilary

system can be operated from the ground

control panel

visual and audible warnings are

activated when the relevant functions

are operated the machines operating

status will be displayed on the LCD


during the pre use checks and when being


platform controls

to operate the machine from the platform

the ground key switch needs to be in the

platform position to start the machine

from the platform enter the basket and

ensure that you attach your lanyard to

the designated anchor point

pull out the emergency stuck an

activatin hold the heater plug switch

for approximately seven seconds release

and then hold the starter switch until

the engine starts once the machine is

running activate the control panel by

pressing the foot switch before

operating the desired function the boom

functions will not fully operate until

the machine's axles have been extended

to extend the axles the machine will

have to be driven whilst simultaneously

holding down the axle extend button when

the axles are fully extended the axle

set led will change from flashing to

continuous to activate the boom

functions press and hold down the foot

switch and select the required

controller and move in the desired



drive speed this machine is fitted with

four-wheel drive high torque and high

speed drive system use the drive speed

toggle switch on the platform control to

select your desired option

these options are canceled out once the

boom is elevated automatically reducing

the machine to elevated drive speed

drive enable to ensure that the machine

is driven in the correct direction when

the turntable has been rotated the

machine is fitted with a drive enable

system which will disable forward and

reverse drive functions if the turntable

has been rotated in either direction to

make sure the machine is driven in the

correct direction activate the function

enable switch and line up the chassis

and platform colored arrows please refer

to the operator's manual for more


steering the machine has four modes of

steering front wheel steer rear wheel

steer grab steer and all-wheel steer

use the steer mode select switch to

toggle through these options boom

operating envelope

the machine is fitted with working

envelope sensors that will stop

operation or alert the operator that an

action is needed this will be shown on

the platform panel indicator lights if

the lower retract indicator light is

flashing the operator should lower or

retract a secondary boom until the

indicator light stops flashing if the

lower primary boom indicator light is

flashing the operator should lower or

retract the primary boom until the

indicator light stops flashing


self-leveling basket

the machine maintains the basket level

automatically during use in the unlikely

event that the basket does not self

leveled during operation all functions

will be disabled an alarm will sound and

the platform not level indicator light

will start flashing to inform the

operator if this situation occurs the

operator can level the basket by using

the platform basket level switch

platform out of level P 22 code if a

ground control LED display shows

platform out of level and P 22 code is

visible the platform level controls will

have been deactivated in the unlikely

event that this situation occurs it is

critical that the manufacturer's

procedure is adhered to




the bypass recovery key switch can be

located on the side of the ground

control panel don't deviate from these

instructions for further information

contact nationwide platforms technical

support overload warning the machine is

fitted with an overload protection

device that will sound an alarm and cut

out the functions if the platform weight

limit is exceeded to continue remove the

weight from the platform reset the

controls by removing the foot from the

pedal pull out the emergency stop and

wait five seconds for this information

refer to the safe working load decal the

operator's manual or the manufacturers

data plate

tilt alarm

the machine is fitted with a tilt alarm

which will sound only when the machine

is on a slope that exceeds it's safe

operating angle if the tilt alarm sounds

when the platform is raised the machine

not level indicator light will come on

and the drive function in one or both

directions will be disabled if the tilt

alarm sounds with the platform up he'll

lower the primary boom retract and lower

the secondary boom retract the primary

boom if the tilt alarm sounds with the

platform down he'll lower the primary

boom retract and lower the secondary

boom retract the primary boom it is

critical that these steps are followed

emergency lowering if the control system

fails while the platform is elevated use

the emergency lowering procedure to

safely lower the platform to do this

press and hold the foot switch and

activate the auxilary switch and

relevant function in the unlikely event

that the operator is incapacitated or

the platform controls fail the machine

can be recovered using the ground

controls to lower the platform turn the

key to the ground position and ensure

that the emergency stop is in the out

position press and hold the auxilary

ground control switch whilst operating

the relevant boom function for future

assistance regarding this procedure

please consult the operator's manual or

contact nationwide platforms technical

support all emergency lowering plants

can be viewed and downloaded from

nationwide platform Skoda UK or scan the

QR code on the machine securing the

machine at the end of use return the

turntable for the normal drive position

retract and fully stow the boom park the

machine in the secure designated

location and switch the ground control

key switch to the off position ensure

the emergency button is pushed in

finally remove the key lifting and point


for the machine unladen weight point

loading and use of designated lifting

points please refer to the manufacturers

information plate and operator's manual

alternatively contact nationwide

platforms thank you for watching this

familiarization video for technical

support please contact a eight four five

seven four five double-o-double oh and

select option 2 please ensure you have

your machine serial number and eco to

hand when calling these can be found on

the nationwide platforms data plate

which is fitted to your machine Frye

path training please select option 1 or

book online at nationwide platforms Co

UK forward slash training