Using the Gas Stove in the Kitchen

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letting the gas stove this is a

four-burner stove with a vent in the

middle lighting is easy if you've not

used a gas stove before there are some

safety procedures so there's an electric

igniter and what that means is that you

turn this knob this is going to control

this burner until it starts clicking you

see that the fire is lit and then you

turn it a little bit further to control

the flame so if you're on a low turn it

that way

higher can be there now if you don't see

the flame or you don't feel the heat if

it's bright you may not actually see the

flame turn it all the way back off wait

a few minutes and try again and just

leave it on that clicking position until

you're sure it's lit if the power is out

you can always like this with a match or

lighter if you need to you simply turn

it to the gas and then light it with a

match the vent is pretty easy this is a

downdraft vent meaning that the air goes

into the vent down and you turn that on

by turning this knob there's a speed

control there so we can have none high

for example

the last thing to remember is that we

are at altitude so what that means is

that water will boil at a lower

temperature therefore it will take

longer to cook things that's anything

that's that's boiling or steaming that's

all enjoy