How To Pump Your Own Gas Self Serve

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I said hey I wanted to make a quick

video show you how to pump your own gas

at a self pump gas station this is kind

of because I saw Oregon in the news and

I've been to Oregon a few times so I

know that they would always pump your

own gas for you this is for pay at the

pump so hope you enjoy this video when

you come up to a gas pump like this you

just walk up here then right here is

where you pay at the pump if you're

gonna use your card to pay otherwise you

have to pay inside further you'll insert

your card whatever card you're using put

in very quickly all the way and pull it

out very quickly all the way and then

follow instructions on the screen

it's authorizing it it'll tell you what

to do next so then you have to enter

your zip code and hit enter on mine

anyways if you're using credit if using