How do you Start a Gas Station Business

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hey guys tony bryson here and today i'm

going to tell you exactly how do you go

out there and start your own gas station

and why would you actually want to step

by step okay

and although you might say tommy a gas

station just like pumping gas

makes no sense the answer is if you have

a gas station there are around

five different ways or six different

ways to actually go ahead and make

income just from one business basically

a gas station

is just the front there's a lot more

different ways within the gas station to

actually make a ton of money

and that is we're going to talk about

today in this video and by the way guys

it's usually those boring businesses you

don't know you can actually get into

the reality can make you a ton of money

for example

gas stations cleaning up trash and on

top of that

having an atm business and actually make

you a ton of money and by the way last


i made a video that over a million views

and how to start an 18 business

usually people say hey i didn't even

know i can go ahead and start an atm


without needing to be a millionaire and

by the way you don't need to be a


to go ahead and open up a gas station


and that's the cool thing right here

about this video and by the way guys if

you guys are new here

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the like button now the first thing is

this guys okay

before i tell you exactly how to

actually buy a gas station

how much will it cost and also the

profits and how to make money

i want to give you guys an example that

way you know exactly that it's possible

to go out there and become a millionaire

or billionaire

just by going out there and starting out

with one gas station and going on

and on and on now this right here guys

this guy right here

his name is harry okay now harry right

here came from

india with 50 in his pocket okay

and he started out as a taxi driver then

a mechanic that opened up a gas station

and before he knew it

25 years later today harry is actually

a billionaire now all those is a great

story the point of this basis tell you


it doesn't matter who you are where you

come from if you're college educated

if you're not from america all that

stuff okay the answer is if you have the


and you have knowledge you can go out

there and get a lot of money especially

with the gas station okay and by the way

you might say for example tommy

i get it but gas stations with electric

cars coming out

in reality they're going to be obsolete

but if you guys never noticed this

you know gas stations don't make money

by selling you gas they make money

by getting you in the door and then

offering you other

services in reality the gas station the


gas that is the front for the actual

business which we will break down

in this video right here and by the way

guys i recommend you go out there and

find out more about harry

that way you know exactly what he did

how to copy it

and go after the exact same thing and

that way you get the same results that

he actually got himself okay

now the first thing is this okay tell me

what is the cost of actually buying a

gas station okay

and how exactly do i do it well there

are three ways to go out there and own a

gas station the first one is basically

you buy one from someone else say this

basically you get a franchise

the third one is basically you build one

now to be honest with you guys

franchise and building a gas station

probably gonna be the most expensive

ways to actually go ahead

and own a gas station but for example if

you buy one

from someone that already has it well

that is the cheapest way to actually own

one and that way

you get to own it without worrying about

hey i have this land

i gotta buy now or at least i have to

build the whole gas station the whole

trade route

and all this extra stuff because

basically that is going to be

very expensive or for example i want to


a 7-eleven gas station but basically i

have to pay 20k

or 100k just to get in the door with the

entire franchise but if you just go out

there and buy a gas station

it's a lot cheaper and easier to

actually get into it okay and that way

you don't have to build anything or

follow anybody's rules okay that way you

own it yourself

now how much exactly is it going to cost

you to go out there and actually buy

a gas station by the way i guarantee

you're going to be surprised here okay

because basically

here it is guys okay if you go to a biz

buy sell

and you click gas stations basically you

can buy businesses right here the answer

is a gas station can range from

ten thousand dollars all the way up to

two million

all the way up to a lot more money but

usually in new york it's around 100k

to 500k and the cost the price of it

is going to be based on three things and

those three things are basically

location location location

if it's busy a good area a lot of

traffic usually

is going to cost you a lot more money

and also say for example you want to buy

this one right here

that's 180k this one is 590 but it also

has a very fancy convenience store

that brings in a ton of profits and then

this one right here

is around 900k but again this one also

has a car wash so

it all depends on what the gasoline

comes with because basically

you're not selling gas you're selling

other services and that is what you want

to get into but tell me

how the heck am i supposed to afford 10k

or 100k or for example even 900k

the answer is there are three ways

number one you save up the money

and then buy it for cash if you want to

or you get good credits

you build a history your relationships

and then go out there and get a loan

from bank

or for example you ask the owner that

already owns it hey

i want to buy it can you offer me seller

finance that way you put down a down


and you pay the owner off in like 10

years or five years and that way you're

pretty good to go okay

and by the way the one that comes with

the entire car wash

well that one's actually our friend

owner financing okay

now there is one question i want to

answer here which basically tell me

if this business model is so great why

would someone want to sell it okay the

answer is

a three-part answer the first part is

basically well

59 of gas stations are owned by one


and also operated by that same person

okay so for example

i go ahead tommy i buy a gas station and

i work there for the next 10

to 20 to 25 years the answer is

sometimes after a while

you no longer want to work there and not

everyone wants to go out there and buy


then the other one then the other one

because basically not everyone's as

business savvy as you probably are so


it might be like hey i'm tired of this

business i want to sell it

i no longer care about the profits okay

on top of that number two

there's always the fact that basically

they might be trying to scam you so for

example hey

this gas station is great so great but i

want to celebrate wasting

once you buy you find out basically hey

there's not a lot of traffic

gasoline sucks there's nothing good

about it whatsoever or

number three basically hey i have this

good gas station but

i'm also tight for money because

something else i actually did and that


you get to buy for a discount you solve

a problem for that person

and you actually own a gas station for a

very good price

and a very good deal so again between 10


to 100k to 500k to 2 million

depending exactly where you're actually

going to go ahead and buy this gas

station again

new york very expensive other states

less expensive

it all depends also where you actually

are but by the way again

you don't need as much money as you

think you actually do

now the second thing i want to break

down before i tell you guys about the

profits is basically tell me

how much it's going to cost me to

actually operate this gas station okay

and by the way guys please please please

if you go ahead and buy gas station do

not buy

a job okay basically you buy the gas

station and now you work there 24 7.

that's not what you want that's you

buying a job the whole goal is basically

i buy one i buy a second one a third one

a fourth one a fifth one

and before you know it you have your own

empire of gas stations okay and you

might think hey gas station is not cool

but the answer is

you can make a ton of money just wait

until we get into the profits okay

and that's when it's going to surprise

you but overall okay

the cost to operate a gas station

obviously number one

is hey you need employees okay either

1099 or w2 employees or basically

they work there on your schedule or

their schedule the answer is you need

employees but i do recommend before you

go out there and buy a gas station make


you get hired by a gas station you work

there for around six to twelve months

that we know the business and once you

own your gas station

will work there for six to eight months


that way you get to learn your whole

entire area

of your gas station you know exactly

what works what doesn't work and that


you don't get scammed by employees

because basically

if i know my gas station what it takes

what it brings in

the business well no one can go ahead

and scam me don't buy something

that you know nothing about usually a

very bad idea but also on top of that

you also have for example

legal costs insurance premiums on top of

that also state permits

also inventory maintenance and so on

and so on when it comes to actually

owning a gas but usually

when you buy a gas station all those

permits get transferred to you

and that way you have to go out there

and get new permits and pay extra money

usually that is what happens and yes

obviously um gas is a part of your

inventory and to get gas usually

you have to sign a contract with a

supplier supply with gas you make some

extra money

yes but again okay a gas station is not

going to make you all the money from the

gas because basically

that is just the front and you want

people to go inside the gas stations

then go ahead

and offer the service that way you get

paid a lot more money

now the third part guys is basically my

favorite part which is basically tell me

the profits how much money can this

business right here

actually make me the answer is again the

gas station

is just a front but there are around

five to

six different ways to actually go out

there and make money with a gas station


and you can actually make a ton of money

the first way obviously

is the gas okay but the margins are very

slim so you're not gonna make a lot of

money from giving people gas okay

that's the first step but the second way

is basically if you have a convenience


you sell coffee snacks sandwiches

sodas soft drinks all that stuff in


they can gross you around 50 000 every


month 50k in revenue and again this


largely on the location and the traffic

that comes into your store

every single day okay so keep that in

mind now on top of that let's say for

example you also have a car

wash right the answer is this guy right

here that's selling this one right here

well he says

that he has around gross revenue around

800 000 coming in from this car wash

every single year again is that the norm

the answer is

no you might make between 100k to 200k

or 500k or even potentially a million

dollars but the answer is the average

might be around

100k every single year from that car

wash so overall you can make a lot of

money from having a car wash

in your entire gas station again the gas

station the actual gas

is just a front but grocery store and

the car wash right there

you're talking about almost a million

dollars just in revenue

if everything goes well but usually it

won't i'm being honest you have to build

things up step by step

build customer loyalty and so on and so

on and so on but also that's not the

only way

to make money from a gas station okay

because also if you want to

you can actually become a mechanic and

have a whole mechanic area

right there to repair like cars in your

whole gas station but also

if you don't want to go out there and

become a mechanic what you can do is


build the space and rent it out to a

mechanic and then have them on the lease

and that way

he pays you money to have that entire


right there and that way you basically

get rent from the mechanic

but you're not actually doing any

mechanic work either which is pretty

cool right

now lastly guys here if you want to take

this to the big leagues and take it to

the whole next level here like harry did

the answers you can actually build your

own gas through your own oil rule so


you go ahead and start supplying other

gas stations with gas and that we get to

make a ton of money when it comes to


but overall guys okay the idea is this

if you go out there and buy a gas


the most important part is going to be

the location the foot traffic

and if you have for example also a

convenience store or a car wash

or any other way to actually make money


the gas station itself is just a front


that's not going to make a lot of money

but the car wash the convenience store

also maybe like the mechanical shop that

is going to make you a ton of money and

that is where the bulk of the money

actually comes from okay but overall

guys i do want to say

one last thing here guys okay if you

guys notice here okay the gas again

the last time here is not what's going

to make you money so for example

if in 20 years we don't have gases

anymore and just like electric stations

the answer is it does not matter because


we never made money from gas we only

made money from convenience stores

car washes and also for example

mechanical shops okay so basically

whether you have electric stations or

gas stations in the future

it does not matter you will still get to

make a ton of money okay

but guys overall thanks for watching and

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