How To Set Up and Use a Pressure Washer Step by Step

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hi this is Leah and today I'm going to

show you how to operate a pressure

washer now if you're coming close I'll

show you some important features now I

want to draw your attention to two ports

the first port is the port to attach the

pressure washer gun and directly below

it is the port that you attach the

garden hose now I'm going to show you

later what you need to do to attach both

now if you come around back I'm going to

show you just a couple other features

this is your pull string right here and

you pull it at pranks just like a lawn

mower and over to the left

that's your control panel and I'm going

to show you how to operate that as well

so before you hook up the hose there's a

little screen in here you're just going

to check that screen make certain that

everything is right okay that it's not