How to Operate a Gas Fireplace

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hello I'm Phil clay and I work in

customer care we're here today to talk

about how to operate your gas fire rules

we get calls every day from consumers

asking how to operate turn on adjust and

use their gas fireplace I'd like to talk

to you about several of those steps

right now the first thing you want to do

with your fireplace is turn it on

most of our fireplaces operate with

either a wall switch or a remote control

whether you're using the remote control

over the wall switch it's important to

simply turn it on and then wait of the

while for the fireplace to respond if

you push the on button several times it

can lock out your fireplace if you don't

see a response in a few minutes then you

can try the process again after a short

wait if it doesn't turn on the second

time then you'll want to call your

dealer for service another important

step in operation of your fireplace is

to adjust the flame height and therefore

the heat output

many of our fireplaces have a remote

control that accomplishes this for you

simply by pushing an up or down arrow

some of our fireplaces such as this one

have a manual control which you access

in the controls area of the fireplace to

get to this area we either have to

remove the decorative front or there may

be a louvered door that opens at the


now that we've removed the decorative

front we can see the knob to adjust the

heat output and flame height is labeled

high and low the pilot on/off knob is

often located to its left this knob will

always say high and low we simply turn

it to the desired flame height and heat


another popular option in fireplaces is

the fan many fans can be adjusted by

using your remote control if you don't

have a remote control you'll have a

speed control such as this one you can

turn your fan on and adjust the speed to

the desired setting once you've adjusted

the fan control to the desired setting

you can simply let it run automatically

when you turn your fireplace on the fan

will come on when it's appropriate

now that we've walked you through some

of the steps operating your fireplace if

you find that your fireplace isn't

responding as we've seen here today if

you have other questions or if you'd

like to purchase accessories you can

visit our website even wom enter your

zip code in the dealer locator to find