How To Light A Gas Fireplace In Your Home

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what's going on guys tonight's video I'm

going to be showing you how to light

your gas fireplace in your home and gas

fireplaces if you don't have a pilot

light already lit constantly burning

what you got to do is we're going to

hell this is a little bit of an older

one so we actually have to use a little

extension lighter hue which is to the

left here and once we have the gas on

we're going to light it with the

extension ladder just like a barbecue

that has the little push start igniter

that's broken on it so let me show you

exactly what we do here so you're going

to need a key with this model here it's

a little kind of a hex key kind of thing

a little square key like that

that fits in a little slot right over

here to the right so yours is going to

be the right or the left of it so first