Durham Works - Recycling Truck Driver (Season 1, Ep 3)

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(high paced, high energy music)

I'm here at the Durham Solid Waste Management Annex and today I'm going to

work as a recycling truck driver. The City of Durham employee I'm going to

partner with is Chris Smith.

When I'm out on a route, I see the kids come out.

I honk the horn and make 'em smile.

I can't wait to collect your recyclables, Durham!

Let's get to work!

Where the heck is Chris? He said he was gonna meet me here.

Is he hiding in a truck?

[truck honks]

Oh! Goodness!

[truck brakes]

Hey, I'm Deb.

Hey, I'm Chris.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

So, what are we gonna do today?

I'm gonna show you how to drive the truck...


...we're going on a route...


...but first we have to do our pre-trip.


and what's a pre-trip?

The safety of the truck.

Okay, sounds important.

Wait a minute.

And, then I get to drive the truck, right?

Wait a minute.

Um, okay.

[truck door opens]

[truck door closes]

This is somethings that we have to go over.

All right. Safety checklist... and then I get to drive

the truck, right?


Okay, awesome.

Let's get to safety.

Let's go.


First on the checklist is headlights.

Right, so what we do with the headlights,

we make sure they come on, not loose.


Check for cracks, seal good. Make sure

that's tight and good.

Same thing here.

Now we're gonna check the pressure of the tires.


You gotta check the nuts make sure they're nice and tight.

[kicks tire]

All right.

Another day, another nut check.

All right. Nice and tight.

I'm excited to see this part.

[hydralick arm whirrs to life]

[whirring sounds continues] Run it out.

[whirring sounds continues] Make sure (there's) no leaks.

[whirring sounds continues]

[hydraulic arm closes]

[hydraulic arm retracts]

[hydraulic arm raises]

[hydraulic arm lowers]

[whirring sounds stops]

(high paced, high energy music)

Wipe it off.

(high paced, high energy music)

Look pretty good, look pretty good.

All right now we gotta go up to the cooling system.

Check the bubbles. Oh, look pretty good to me. okay first up is

mirrors moving well nice and shiny no cracks you crooks local gauges

looking pretty good over here looking good over here cameras that's

the hopper you alright I can see everything perfectly all crisp alright

so Chris can I Drive the truck now that

good [ __ ] I have to show you how to operate the first that's fair that's


take off the head oh yeah she's probably just sitting around the way now this one

a foot for starts okay

always remember

to my Maris

okay I forward tilt you bastard

let's come to a car what do you hate the bridge it's lightning


so you know you don't slam the brakes are sensitive don't do swing

everything is shoes by the state-of-the-art

oh stop

so there's a sensor in the bunch of suits

like talking about my turn yes okay it's time to make my

parents proud chin the two drive folks do this him okay your mirror

strike gesture mirrors how about this

looks good alright oh you okay

the best episode ever

and then gently on the braid

no reverse

what duplicate now yes okay there you have the use of mirrors tiny two mirrors

I'm logging

there we go

and laying on the brakes so this won't do

really easy to do

to the car slow down Joseph

to get out does the card have to be dead center rabbit know what happens on

coming Oh

boom look at look at this right we're gonna go down go down don't

come back on you look at this come back out boom

crap trick them out close you ready I think so sure we're gonna

find out so let's just try it there's turn

thank you purchasing the seat so that might be can touch the floor

first step squeeze it through Jim go out

all right now okay so

when you are

right you know what it's too like snob right we'll come back


a little more so


oh my god

I see it over there


that's implied all right

last one



open open I'm gonna get this one okay okay okay Wow close


didn't angle it enough


- Ryder

done an expert now thank you all right we're at the gas


what we do that's a big tank yeah this ain't gonna thank you so just don't take

it as a while I feel look oh why don't you say yes I can think of a few things

we could do in the meantime what's that well show you all right

let's go

is there yet nope stillborn that's okay I can't even more things we can do let's

go all right

all right is it done hold up that's good cuz I'm out of ideas

for what else to do great let's go

favorite thing about the job Chris what's your what's your favorite thing

about this job the best thing about this job is I'm alone I get in here and just

be by myself I mean listen to my music I'm alone then when I get on the route I

see the parents bring the kids to the door let's see what we do oh that's cool

and they love it they jump up and down ask the boat a whole

kids on the track yeah it just you know maybe feel real good

Paulo these are full yeah it's to fool so that's another nono we're doing over

stuff they're recycling always look I'm gonna say the problem is that this myths

don't happen by you

Oh Superman tell Alex fellow

we have coffee that's why fellows

another thing you can recycle and there's a metal bat phone the other

thing you can't recycle you have to get out and deal with

perfect I have cats I know for a fact carpets are disgusting

so I didn't I don't know if I got from that house the intense smell maybe they

were cleaner Oh magic night Oh

five years yes

oh they're warm oh god that was a lot of liquid

I mean that's frustrating even just with trash right then after a while

see you smell really sick not from here but I know

every time I wind up smelly you know still smell oh I smell saying yeah see

that's some of things we go to where psychics should be that way Oh oh god no

still smell it it just smells like garbage though there's what is it dad

just smell it smells like you know how that word reach with it garbage you get

right and smell yeah garbage juice and you gotta do something

so we talked about how the things that can be recycled are the things that

can't there are different types of recycling because I know that there's a

risk there recycling cymbals does that mean you can throw it

all in the same bin remember I thought recycling symbol on it it's the beaver

cycle you can throw it in the same thing like I said

at the smoke though they sort it out myself okay grow this well if it has the

recycling symbol you can recycle it as long as it's clean I didn't think about

this before but for today you can really you know I

guess if you do this long enough you not only start to judge people but you get

to get an idea of what kind of people they are I live inside the houses new up

work you know put the rear sight you take a pick up the recycling bin

Pop's a lot of Smirnoff bottles you know that person's going through something

yeah yeah full-time full-time that's a point of time I mean I also see people

walk by they won't get a goal and they pick up the poop throw out of the game

what's in the recycling you really don't care

no they don't okay turn we have to do better

oK we've got to do better by recycling

experience like somebody came out and like yelled

at you

I hate any we'll share the tool on the floor a

weight machine a machete hold on you

absolutely we didn't pick up a stand we did we did not did not and only longer

did not pick it up because he had housing drivers

not garbage Oh y'all go get this kid I'm a sure

seems over so we had to college supervised at least

about this right this job are you recycle whenever I'm up them wait no you

dumped garbage you know we don't have to wait you don't know we we jump freely

and we got a hold of the cyclone

what's the maximum weight you brought in

seven times you probably like


who those

oh do you still smell it oh yeah I want you to recycle

I can smell like yeah

psychical Wow

you know I thought I was going to be strong and as if I was like I'm not

gonna I'm gonna complain but that said that is it was right

we don't smooth it it did in there it doesn't out here

our network the word okay this is it end of the day

Chris I had so much fun today thank you for showing me how to be a recycling

truck driver it was awesome use awesome all right let's go get some

beer sounds good here are some tips to ensure that your

recycling gets picked up one your cart should be put out for collection before

6:00 a.m. on your collection day to your cart should be at least 3 feet from all

other objects such as mailboxes telephone poles fire hydrants trees and

other carts 3 your cart should be no more than 3 feet from the curb to find

out what is and isn't recyclable see your collection schedule and to sign up

for collection alerts go to this web address on the city of Durham's website