LG Front Load Washing Machine FHT1208SWL - Demo

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hey guys welcome back to another video a

lot of viewers on my channel requested

for a demo of this LG front load washing

machine so in this video I'll be putting

some of my clothes for washing I've

already done a review of this washing

machine some time back

so if you're interested in checking out

that review video please do check it out

I have left the links in the description

below so I have a total of around 14

clothes here and you can see them on the

floor so this includes 10 t-shirts and

for jeans trousers to get the best

results or for washing it is advised to

sort these clothes based on the fabric

and wash them in separate batches for

example all the white or the

light-colored clothes go in one batch

and all the soiled or the heavy fabrics

go in another batch of washing for this