LG Front Load Washing Machine FHT1208SWL - Demo

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hey guys welcome back to another video a

lot of viewers on my channel requested

for a demo of this LG front load washing

machine so in this video I'll be putting

some of my clothes for washing I've

already done a review of this washing

machine some time back

so if you're interested in checking out

that review video please do check it out

I have left the links in the description

below so I have a total of around 14

clothes here and you can see them on the

floor so this includes 10 t-shirts and

for jeans trousers to get the best

results or for washing it is advised to

sort these clothes based on the fabric

and wash them in separate batches for

example all the white or the

light-colored clothes go in one batch

and all the soiled or the heavy fabrics

go in another batch of washing for this

demo I'll be loading all the clothes

together so let me load them into the

machine one by one

so now that I have loaded I'll just

close the lid the user manual it is

recommended to use the detergent powder

for best results but I use this liquid

detergent for my wash I usually put one

full measure of this bottle cap into the

dispenser drawer so let me go ahead and

pour the liquid detergent into this tray

so this is one full measure of the

detergent liquid so there are three

partitions in this detergent tray and

the big one is for the main wash the

smaller partition is for the pre-wash

and the softener for the fabrics can be

poured in this partition so let me go

ahead and power on the machine so by

default this will go to the cotton wash

program and this is selected by default

and this is suitable for coloured

garments like shirts night dress soiled

clothes and undergarments in case if you

wish to change it then we can use this

program knob and rotate it to select the

different wash programs but for now I

will go with the cotton what cycle there

are a couple of options that can be

added along with the wash cycle that is

currently selected and these have to be

added even before starting the wash

program so the options include pre wash

that bowl wash so in turbo wash there is

a separate jet of water that gets

sprayed on the clothes this is in the

gasket area inside and this is for a

better wash quality there is an

intensive wash option here so this

option basically is for soiled clothes

there is a rings bliss option for

additional rinse cycle and there is an

delay end option here where in the wash

I actually starts after a certain amount

of time next is the add item option

wherein we can add additional clothes

after the wash has started but this

option gets disabled if the level of

water inside the drum is very high or if

the water is too hot

next we have two options here and the

temperature in the spin that can be

increased or decreased as per the wash

cycle so let me go ahead and start the

wash program the drum will rotate slowly

for a few seconds and it will try to

detect the laundry that is loaded in the

machine you can also see a small

indicator the weighing scale indicator

that blinks here on this display panel

so it has estimated a time off for one

hour and 24 minutes for the wash program

to complete so I can see that the water

is also getting filled inside the tray

and ultimately goes inside the drum my

preference for detergent is liquid

detergent and the main reason is that

the detergent powder sometimes can have

residue and may not dissolve fully in

water and it can get stuck in between

the fabric so I've seen some of my

clothes fading off or a period of time I

personally felt that the liquid

detergent gives a better wash results

and it dissolves in water completely

I've used the detergent powder as well

on the some machine and the results are

pretty good as well I get soft water at

my home and I don't have a problem with

it but in case if it's hard water then

we can add water softener tablets such

as Calgon which is an anti lime scale

this softener tablets needs to be put

inside the drum before the wash cycle is

started this will basically cut down the

use of excess detergent for washing

so the wash program and the spin cycle

is complete and the drum is rotating

very slowly now for about two minutes I

guess and this is to make the clothes

tangle free and after this it just plays

a small lot

music tone indicating the completion of

the wash program so let me now take out

the clothes and you can see that the

clothes are pretty much right so it has

done a good job of washing I would say

and the clothes are almost dry up to

around 75% I usually put this clothes

for drying in indoor itself and I keep

my windows open and it dries within a

couple of hours so guys that's all I had

to show in this demo video and I hope

this works a useful to you please do

give this video a like if it helped also

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videos thanks for watching and have a

great day