How to Use a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

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hi I'm coming to you from inside my

kitchen and I want to share with you how

to use a food saver vacuum seal machine

and then some of the ways that I use it

that not only save me money but allow me

to I guess save me money the most but

preserve things and I've been wanting to

share this with you for a long time

because I've had it for about Oh close

to a year now and I love it and I want

to share with you how number one how to

use it and also just simple ways that

like I just bought a bunch of chicken on

sale and how you can do that and then

preserve it for a lot longer than you

would in your regular freezer so let me

show you what freezer food saver model

that I have I'm going to show you how to

make create a bag with a seal and then

vacuum seal right in here so this video

will be longer than one that I normally