How to Use a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

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hi I'm coming to you from inside my

kitchen and I want to share with you how

to use a food saver vacuum seal machine

and then some of the ways that I use it

that not only save me money but allow me

to I guess save me money the most but

preserve things and I've been wanting to

share this with you for a long time

because I've had it for about Oh close

to a year now and I love it and I want

to share with you how number one how to

use it and also just simple ways that

like I just bought a bunch of chicken on

sale and how you can do that and then

preserve it for a lot longer than you

would in your regular freezer so let me

show you what freezer food saver model

that I have I'm going to show you how to

make create a bag with a seal and then

vacuum seal right in here so this video

will be longer than one that I normally

make okay okay this is the model of food

saver that I bought and I think it's

like the middle of the road it's not the

cheapest one the lowest in one and it's

also not the highest in one so let's

first start out with you're going to get

these rolls this is the standard size

roll that you put in here in order to

create a bag that from this roll that

has a sealed end that you can put food

into you're gonna first pull out this is

a brand new roll so you're gonna pull it

out under this get it as long as you

want now you need about four inches from

the top to get a good vacuum seal so if

you're gonna like say put three chicken

breasts in here you want just

guesstimate how big you want the bag so

I'm going to make it a little bit longer

and then this cuts it okay so you're

just going to slide this now notice that

both ends of this bag or open and so

that's where we need to seal it you turn

your machine on and then right here on

most of the machines there's a button

that says seal you're going to put the

there's a rough side and kind of hear it

and then there's a smooth side and you

can kind of see that this curls over you

want the curl to go down into these


and then push seal you can see the red

light doesn't seem like anything's

happening but a pressure is being

applied a heated seal is happening even

though doesn't sound like anything and

then when it's done you'll hear it

release okay it's released this is warm

to the touch and it's sealed now at the

bottom okay now you are ready to put

your food in here

okay put your whatever and you can even

put dried fruit in here you can really

seal anything you can seal close for

camp for like your kids if they're gonna

go on a rafting trip or you guys are

going where things are going to get wet

you can seal anything in these bags so

what you want to do is take whatever

food I bought these packages of chicken

on sale about a whole bunch of them we

can't eat them fast enough where they

would start to get freezer burned so I

started to take the chicken out of these

packages and you can see here I've

already had already created a bag and

put four of those chicken breasts right

here in this other sealed bag this bag

is ready to be sealed I probably could

put one more in here but the reason I'm

not is because we're a family of four so

for me to thaw five chicken breasts it

would probably be too much for that one

meal I'm not going to do that all right

instead of sealing this time again

curved end down it doesn't matter if

it's a rough side or the smooth side up

you're going to stick it in this slot

and I am going to push over here that

this is a moist seal so that it and it

this sound is normal when I first got

this I didn't know

and I thought of his broken

this vacuum part is gone and now it's

sealing the top half of the bag okay and

it'll release it okay again same thing

it's sealed it's a little bit warm up

here it's sealed and now this is ready

to go in the freezer and you can see

that it vacuums sealed my chicken and

this will stay in your freezer eight

months to a year without any freezer

burn now so here is the sealed chicken

here's my other package of sealed

chicken and then I just write a label at

the top with a sharpie a chicken breast

with bone and the date that I put it in

the freezer bag and this is ready to go

right into your freezer okay the last

thing is that this is what the rolls

look like these do the 11 inch rolls

that I used and you can buy box like

this these will last you quite a long

time you can also buy pre-cut sizes

which are smaller if you're going to do

like some berries or some some produce

or anything like that but smaller you

and you don't want to spend your time or

the size of making these larger bags but

the FoodSaver bag is one of the best

investments the machine is one of the

best investments that I've ever made and

I actually love the process of freezing

and doing all of this stuff so I just

want to share that with you today if you

have any questions you can email me at

amy at amy Volcom thanks