Want to start a food delivery company? Watch this first

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the food delivery sector has really

become a very significant part of the

restaurant business and there are a huge

number of players coming into the market

and some great opportunities all over

the place for actually starting your own

business or extending your own

capabilities to take advantage of these

strengths so in this first video I just

want to go through the various aspects

of a food delivery and talk about the

players who might be involved each time

and from here we can go and dive into a

bit more detail of potential

opportunities and how you can get

involved in each sector so let's just

start with the three lines here I've got

a bit of a Venn diagram to kind of

divide up the various players in here

and the first is there are three kind of

distinct activities involved there is

the delivery of the food so going and

picking up food from from a restaurant

and delivering it to a customer

there's the preparation of food and

that's not necessarily just a straight

up restaurant anymore it could be some

kind of food preparation or food

aggregation or putting together a set of

a set of recipes and all of the

ingredients that you need or whatever it

is and then there's the actual act of

selling so in this case and we're

talking about e-commerce so there's the

actual being responsible for marketing

to the customer and then taking payment

from that customer and providing that

information to the restaurant so that

they know how to prepare so those are

the three main aspects that I think make

those up and the three easiest to get

involved in then you get a little bit of

overlap or not a little bit each of

those particular activities has the

opportunity to overlap on a delivery by

a delivery basis so your business might

be involved in multiple of these sectors

depending on one particular transaction

so let's just have a look at how they

overlap and the sorts of players who get

involved in each space so in in here in

the very middle number four

well let's not do that

and straw in that number four here in

the middle this is where the same person

or the same entity has been the one

who's made the sale of it off their own

website that orders come in they've made

the food themself and then they have

they've got their own delivery drivers

to go and do the delivery so you might

think of Number Four as being Domino's

Pizza or something like that let's take

a look at number five so in number five

you're doing the preparation and the

delivery so you haven't made the sale in

this case you're probably a restaurant

or something like that and you've

received an order through a third-party

ordering service like a menu log or eat

now a twenty-four GrubHub whoever it is

and you're doing your own delivery in

number seven you're doing the selling

and the preparing so this would be the

case of say a restaurant who has their

own e-commerce site and they've made the

sale they've prepared the food and then

they're using a third-party courier

service a third pay food delivery

service like a like a food cab mister

delivery type thing and then here in

number six we've got the sell and

deliver model without being the one

doing the preparation so this is uber

eats delivery big players like that who

are setting up ordering platforms and

then having their own logistics arm as

world actually to make the deliveries

and then outside of those you've got

just the you know kind of selling and

doing nothing else that would be an

e-commerce platform like the original

aggregators like mini log neat now amid

the prepare this is if you're if you

just happen to be a restaurant or a

service that's making the food but

someone else has got the e-commerce site

and then someone else is doing the

delivery or say the sale has come from

uber eats or something like that and

then you're the restaurant making the

food and you become kind of the kitchen

for that for that deal and finally

delivery so that's not just being a

delivery driver there's some a growing

number of services that are just out

sourced food delivery services so there

are a whole bunch of different

and they fit it in different aspects and

they overlap a lot and they also jump

from one to another so they can be

involved in multiple different

transactions for instance in some

markets GrubHub doing the selling and

the delivery they're fitting in here and

then in other markets they are doing the

selling and someone else is making the

delivery so you can see it's quite easy

to jump around as a restaurant sometimes

you'll be doing all three being in there

sometimes you'll be doing the the

selling and the preparing and some and

got someone else doing a delivery other

times you'll be you know doing the

preparation and the delivery if you're

getting the order from menu log so you

can really be in multiple of these at

any one times so that should give you a

good overview of the various roles you

don't have to pick one role and build a

business around it but these are the

roles that add value in every single

food delivery transaction and you there

are plenty of opportunities to get

involved in all of those and we're going

to talk about those in some specific

detail in some more video so hopefully

that was useful feel free to get back to

me with any questions and otherwise I'll

talk to you soon