How To Operate And Use A Floor Polisher/Buffer Polishing/Buffing Machine

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hi I'm going to show you how to use a

floor polishing machine you get a dish

like this and a platter to go on the

machine the disc is like velcro and the

pad will stick to the disk some scenes

will have a clip to go in here as well

but not all of them does is to stick to

it anyway try and get the pad on as

sinful as you can onto the disk if it

sticks out too much like this one way or

the other you might find that makes it

shake a bit when it's in use it's a nice

essential on there tilt machine back and

this dish simply goes on to here and

then twists into position so remove it

twist it the other way and take it off

when the machines in use all the ways

that machine will be sitting on a

spinning pad so the kingdom of these

machines is to get the weight light so

that it balances nice and flat on the

pad you can adjust the main handle with

this lever here some machines will have

a floppy lead with this side this would

be for a water tank accessory on this

machine it doesn't have that so but if

the beeper here makes remove the handle

up and down get to a comfortable height

the ideal height would be standing with

your arms straight like so and then the

machine nice and flat level with the

floor if you have them home to high like

this you find that you're having to hold

the machine up and it might make your

back ache after a while or it might make

your arms eight so try and have it when

you start with your arms nice and

straight and just standing straight I

say now when I start the machine and

what they try and get the received as

flat as possible I'll press the button

now and start the training so it's nice

and flat on the floor and if I now leave

the handle it goes off to the right and

when I lower the handle it's going to go

to the left

so you can operate machine left and

right by lifting and lowering the handle

back to the center again and I'll just

keep it straight myself by let go out

the handle the machine stops so if I was

to turn it on and this in the wrong

position like so turn it on the machine

might shoot off away from me but if I

just let go of these handles then the

machine will stop I don't need to try

and fight it so give you an example for

turning on here yourself over there let

go the handles and it stops once you get

the hang of it actually becomes quite


that machine flags around spirited left

but once you get a hang of a perception


when you store the machine it's very

important that you take the pan off if

you leave the pad on the machine then

the machine will squash one side on the

other side of the pad and then when

you're using the machine because it's

got a flat spot that will shake without

sailing and you'll find the machine will

shake witnessing use so if you take the

pad off after each use you have a nice

flat pad and you'll have a nice smooth

running the shape and that's how you use

a floor polisher