How to load and unload a car from a flat bed tow truck

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good afternoon folks it's uh let's say

Thursday afternoon I'm going to do a

little stage in here I got them using a

couple own personal vehicles I've had a

couple people want to know exactly how

to load of coral in here scrap it down

we don't call this in the truck some

video today from how to properly do this

sorry date with real customers cars and

I when I get to their houses I'll have

time to do it so right now I got a

friend of mine is helping move the

camera so let's get it on first thing I

do let me here I got a PTO button in

here kicks on the PTL so that way

everything works



we've handled their control my bed legs

and everything the farm bring the man




and one right here beside it here you

can help


this half here is the ppl break comma

disengage it with free spin


not all me cuz there's different ways to

hook them up this cars got a couple ways

on this particular car it has a couple

hooks here in the front which is this

right here do you see that hoping to see

that there's a couple of different ways

to hook this you can hook it like this

but when you pull on it sometimes these

come out so I always put them on the

inside of the hook there's another hook

right here you come and put on the

inside of it now if you look out here

that's a lot of change coming off and

won't let me get the thing on the truck

properly so this is what we call shorten

up the chain

let me do is I'm going to take these

hooks right here put it Center with the

car grab my tow chain I mean the other

part of this chain here and then lock it

in place sir

we're going to lock it in place here

that way when it pulls you shorten the

way up now I can get completely on my

truck where it needs to be relieved this

break okay how do i can use the PPO

now you've all see me that's the table

every time I go low to Cora

and the reason why we do that for

because if you look right there where

that cable goes in and it's like kind of

hard to see but you want that thing to

be wound up pretty for they no kinks or

cracks or anything in it because what

happens was when I go to pull that back

out and if it's now lined up perfectly

then it snatches and it's a pain in the

butt to pull out now we're going go back

into the collar as you can see my chain

is tight the car is not going to go


that way they are on the streets you put

the car in neutral you ain't got to

worry about taking off on you

you can hit the heel on the car neutral

and set key off don't try to get the key

out of the ignition because they ain't

going to come out you come back up here

when another one here works the winch

I'm trying to keep the car as straight

as I can on the bed

the reason why that is when you get

where you're taking it a lot of places

it's not straight on the bed you'll have

a lot of fun getting into the parking



my particular truck every trucks a

little bigger a little different I'd

like to stop the wheels about right here

well these hooks are me put chain hooks

let me know all my strat for each come

back in here I reach in here and I put

them apart pull the key out always put

the keys in your pocket always don't

leave in the car because in the cars

lost money and then the other thing I do

I want to make sure it's got a good part

gear on it so I release the cable in

this car row back do that for two

reasons we want to make sure it's like a

row off the truck cause I want to make

sure when I pick up it up it doesn't

roll into my headache rack because if a

customer standing there you turn the car

you just bought a car


now in the bag gets almost all the way

ever you'll only let off the brake off

this handle so it's top you don't want

to slam it up Erica Z breaks up for this

video purpose um except the PTO off

y'all can give you better if I pick it

up for customers car I'd leave it on

everybody shuts up their trucks

differently mindset up here I got all my

stats right here

now I explain to those I'm doing it

everyone here now everybody sets up the

truck differently like I said

some people leave two straps on this

side and two straps on that side I don't

do that now tell you live here in a


put the strap in here and the chain goes

in here and this is locked right into

place now I'll leave those kind of tight

kind of loose on that first one I'm just

going to repeat the process four times



you put the hook back here really theme

plays I'm going to crank down when you

see it squishing the tires I tell you

that thing is tight ain't going to work

a lot of people go through the frames

and different things it's hanging down

but the problem with that is as you know

everybody out here wants to sue somebody

and get quick titles so I'd like to go

over the tires make sure that's hook you

ain't touching the rim at all but though

we're doing the squeezing on rubber so

we're not going to fire it all makes my

boss happy too and he don't get

complained that was high

take just a couple minutes to do this

same principle put it through the hole


drive it up now as you see I come up on

the tire too much and down touching the

fender that's bad he was trapped here is

touching the fender that's bad you don't

want that to happen so just release it

just back this thing up just a tad bit

while you do drink it down

the idea is your only nothing touching

this car at all now the reason why I

keep my stuff over there now like

everybody else I got two here two over

there you can see I just did that walk

all the way around now if I had my two

straps over here I had to do that type

walk up here grab these straps and do

this side now here's the kicker you got

to come back and make sure this stuff

check I'll be tight so why do the stuff

two or three times me and do it want to

be done with it so I'm done that was


this one here is tight this one here is

tight now we know we left the first one

loose a little bit as you can see it did

tighten itself up

we're going to give it an extra little

tightness and there it is

and you want to chain up front here to

be laying on the bed you don't want that

thing tight where it's going against the

car does it break something radiator

support bumper anything you're paying

for it so that's how you properly load

the car up and tie it down this car is

not going to go anywhere the other way

it's going to come off of here if I mess

up and flip the truck over otherwise

that car ain't going nowhere

all right here is the proper way to take

this car off pretend I just pulled up to

the dealership looking out of my truck

you know I'm getting out walk over to


we're gonna start by this you know what

I messed up folks I'm sorry I got ahead

of myself on this second they climb back

in my truck ten I'm starting this again

kick on the PTO before I get out of the

truck they just pretend I just did that

okay it's all look like an idiot so come

back right here to pacified under the



I'm throwing over


my honor now the next step I do is I

take the winch and I tighten up that

chain or anything car

just a little bit reason why I do that

so when I inscribe the story and I bring

you back and it down when I reach in and

put it in neutral doesn't have any Fleck

in the card and won't take all breaks

chain to hurt me

the tragic

come on sorry I make sure I got

everything unless I put it in here I

always count to myself I know it sounds

kind of stupid swear do it there's one

strap there's two threats great that I'm

gonna hook another one here's my four



I'm a paper buckle and the main reason

why I count to myself just not way I

know my stuff is here so when I go to my

next job I'm not missing a strap or two

because I'm left on the ground and then

you look like an idiot trying to figure

out how you're going to load the car we

come back here on my truck is the first

hand up raise the bed back

then grab the second handle which brings

it up


they might a night sometimes make you

watch just to make sure that one coming

here's the key

don't ever put them in your front

pockets he's putting me front pocket

you'll never find them always in my

shirt pocket man like that like a down

there drop the key


got my hand on the brake

just make sure was good weekend on a

break and relief in this car into

neutral city off


pull up the middle handle rows back

come back here

take the gloves off don't get inside

nobody's card already

we didn't put the car in park grab the

keys out and back in your pocket now as

you can see right here I have no room I

mean I could get there but I have to

fight with it so the easiest way to do

this on this come back up here on the

break again relief from your brain baby

bring it up a little bit bring the bed

back pain slack now I got plenty of room

to work with the returnees here no no

get job done now fun women


I've had other people ask me why Don my

table bag my bag

de Bracy simple reason you see people

all the time with changes dangling back

in the back and never fails when you get

to where I'm going

let's fill in that time and I needed

here saving me steps and energy and

again I'm a plane overhead when I got

really great

I don't tighten it all the way up you

see I got a little bit in here

good my battery and the other reason why

I do this is because if this is on back

on the back of the truck all over the

truck how it gets behind you that's not

secure load and he can't pull you over

and if he pulls over you're getting a

ticket trust me I don't care how old

nice you are to a coffee will the

commercial big over you're getting a

ticket can every throw of a commercial

vehicle you know if you get a ticket

from the cop you just lost your paycheck

I'm not out here to support this

government I pay my taxes that's all

they need for me

but that damn brings my better


it's all about the other it looks good

so convincing

now you look up in my bed it all looks

neat and organized


you don't want nothing looking too

trashy because you don't want the cops

going over what's all about

well thank you I hope that was

educational for you I'm going to do my

own personal truck here in a minute

sorry I'm hot out here

97 degrees out here you know what to do

like and subscribe I need all your help

bye guys