How to correctly fly a flag (with an internal halyard flagpole)

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thanks for watching this video we're

going to show you the correct way to

attach an oyster flag to a flagpole

that's got an internal halide that's to

say that the rope goes at the inside of

the pole and emerges from the top you

should start with the up all end of the

rope down at ground level there'll be a

loop in the end of the rope which you

need to pass through the toggle the top

corner of your flag then work down the

headband until you get to the tower line

if it doesn't have one already you need

to tie a small loop in the tail line

about the size of your thumb and you

need to attach the weight your flagpole

should have a collar similar to the one

that's shown or it may have a plumb bob

style weight you're now ready to hoist

so gently hoist pulling away on the up

hole which emerges out of the little

door on the side of the flagpole till

you get to the top and you'll feel a

positive stop as it gets there click the

rope into the retaining device inside

the hatch and then push the remaining

rope back down inside the flagpole once

all the ropes tucked away you simply

need to re secure the hatch with the key

and your flag is hoisted thanks very

much for watching this we hope you found

it useful