How to Send a Fax from a Fax Machine : How to Fax

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how to send a fax hi today in this video

we're going to be talking about how to

send a fax so anyhow what I've got here

is just kind of your garden-variety fax

machine this is just uh this is a

brother model this is something you've

got pick up at an office supply store

and I wanted to demonstrate how to send

this fax so I just want to get you kind

of familiar with what's going on with

the fax machine and what you would need

to set it up so probably besides I've

already plugged the unit in here I've

got A's 110 cord plugged in the next

thing is a phone cord one of the big

things you're going to need to have is a

landline to run this so for people out

there that have decided to go just

cellular only or what-have-you you're

going to need a landline to use this

machine there are a couple other

exceptions but for the most part up is

the quintessential way to use this

machine first thing I'm going to do is

check my dial tone can you hear that

that is dial tone this machine will not

work without dial tone so before you

proceed any further you want to make

sure you have that okay so moving right

ahead here our piece of paper what we're

going to send in this case I'm going to

do a test fax this is a test and I'm

going to send that and basically then a

fax number so I would highly recommend

that you have your fax number written

down before you go ahead because what

happens sometimes is you'll get it all

in there and not have the fax number and

then you're looking for it so make sure

you have the fax number handy before you

start with that so anyhow we're going to

go ahead and do our fax right now so

we're going to go take our test page

then we're going to load that we load it

face down this is a for the most part

than a just kind of a privacy thing

in a major office if you had some

sensitive material that maybe you didn't

want other office personnel to see you

could have it face down so we're going

to load that up on this particular model

and on several of its variety you're

going to have an adjustment here so if

you get up to here and the paper doesn't

fit you just widen it out to the point

that your paper will insert so we're

going to go ahead and insert this paper

and just get it you want to get it just

right so it's going to grab you don't

want to just loosen there but you

actually need to get it to the point

where it will grab so this it's going to

have rollers in there that's I'm just

going to go and grab and feed the paper

down okay so if we look at the front now

it's asking asking do I want to copy

this or do I want to fax this well we're

going to fax this so we're going to go

and enter our phone number now so it

automatically they've designed this so

that in a hurry you can actually go and

fax something relatively fast so I'm

going to enter my fax number okay got

that done down here if you can see it

these are our options we can either stop

it we can make a copy or we can fax so

in this case we're going to fax it so

we're going to hit the blue button now

and what you're going to hear is you're

going to hear the dial tone take off and

then you'll hear the handshake commence

the handshake is very important because

that is how it's going to connect to

another device there basically this fax

machine and the fax machine on the other

end become like this they're going to

make a handshake and that's how they're

going to send the information so here we

go here's our dial tone

there's our handshake commencing you see

you heard the rollers take off there

it's starting to bring that our sheet in

and it's pushing it out

okay so there goes it says it sent one

page standard and there we are on that

so that is the basic essentials for

sending a garden-variety fax and you can

load this with several pages too you

want to make sure they're loose when you

send them as well and it'll actually go

and just feed through each page but you

want to make sure that this is aligned

properly so anyhow one thing I want to

talk to you about is another way to send

a fax you can actually send a fax online

you can send it via your computer if

you're in a remote spot or if you're

actually at a place where it doesn't

have a landline that may make sense

we've actually got a link if you look in

this video in the description there

there's actually a link to click through

and it will explain more of that and

might be a real viable option for you if

you're looking for something otherwise

other than having this this big machine

if this will work in a pinch but it may

not be ideal especially if you're on the

road or you're in places where you're

not going to have that landline so

anyhow I really appreciate you taking a

look at this video if you don't mind

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coming you take care and have a great

time with your faxing