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all right what's up guys hey we're gonna

be looking at how to identify and

operate a compact farm tractor whether

it's John Deere or whatever brand you

happen to have the controls are the same

so if you want know how to drive it

stay tuned alright guys so I would start

with a walk-around of the tractor so

these most of these tractors are either

two or four-wheel drive it really

depends on the front of the tractor here

this is the loader on this is used to

scoop dirt to lift equipment to

basically do whatever you need it to do

it's just a giant scoop um these are

this particular model is a four wheel

drive you can tell if you look under

here because there will be geared hubs

by the front tires if it's not full

drive they'll just basically be attached

that's pretty much it on the back here