How to dump an End Dump. Step by step!

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what's going on drivers is Jay rich back

again it's Friday time to go the hell

home but I'm gonna knock this little

video out for you real quick I've gotten

a few few of you've asked me to show the

process of how I dump my trailer now my

process might be different from your

process depending on what you holiday

you're doing rocks and gravel stuff like

that you're you're gonna be a little

different than the way I do things at

least the way I see most of you do

things so I'm gonna try to go start to

finish show you my whole process and the

way you should properly dump one of

these trailers so stay with me we're

coming right back show you how it's done

all right for the sake of this video

we're gonna say that this is where the

scrap goes we're out here on the yard

ain't got much else going on so I

figured I bust this out while I ain't

nobody here and I got plenty of room to

do this first off you want to make sure

that your trailer is level the grounds

as flat as can be

you're not parked in a hole to where

when you start the moving that trailer

is way up here in the air that it's not

going up set this trailer and turn the

damn thing over next thing your tractor

in your trailer are as straight as

possible and you track that can be

turned out a little bit this way a

little bit the other way but you cannot

be jackknife you cannot dump a frameless

trailer jackknifed it does not work like

I said it can be turned on way or the

other and when that truck is going up

your tractor is coming to you you've got

the wheels turn to where that tractor is

coming back straight with the trailer

that's how you want to do it if somebody

parks you in a hole or in some messed-up

area and this trailer is leaning we can

see this trailer straight it's not


this damn frozen leaning way over here

way over there it's gonna be worse when

it gets up in there it's gonna be

leaning way over you turn the damn thing

over then you've got to make that phone

call explain why you turn that man's

trailer over if they won't park you in a

hole you tell them man I can't dump

right here you can try to back up a

little bit you try to pull forward a

little bit and move over left or right

do not dump that trailer if you don't

feel safe with it that's the number one

deal this mud flap this mud flap has to

move to the center okay and I'm going to

show you why I do the safety chain

safety pin and you got to keep this pin

if you have a style like this because

this pin will jump out so put it in your

pocket I always put it right here for


and that lever goes retract now when you

open up your door if there's anything

against this door do not come back here

and stand behind the door and open this

son of a [ __ ] up some [ __ ] will fall

and crack your damn skull okay I always

come back here and push it out push that

door open

now I didn't flip that mudflat like I

was supposed to as i'ma show you

see where this mudflap is in relation to

your tire when you dump this end right

here is going to be right close to the

ground this mud flap is going to go

underneath this tire so it's gonna tell

your whole [ __ ] off right there

so before I open up the door pull this

pin out turn this mud flap a little

tough one-handed guys but hey I'm

working for you

so you with the door closed that's how

you mudflat looks I've even been sitting

waiting in line dump truck comes up hey

man you're missing month what I know I'm

not it's just flipped over the other way

so that's how it goes you ever see will

see a truck with a mud flap looking like

that he's about to dump out or he

already dumped out and he forgot to flip

it back over which does happen so we're

opening up a door back open hooks in

there so your door don't fall you don't

hook at damn chain when you dump this

damn thing this door it's coming down

and it's gonna hit the ground and when

it hits the ground you liable to take

this mud flap off bend this and tweak

the whole damn door all right now you

see where our mud flaps at it's up here

so this mud flaps still gonna be on the

ground but it's gonna be up higher and

out of the way

so we're on spot now let's see I back

into a spot and I can't swing my door

all the way open what I can do I'll back

into the spot open the door and let it

sit there then I'll pull the truck

forward and then change the door around

the side because if something falls out

the back I want it to fall back here I

don't want it to fall way up there where

I had to back back over or I have to sit

there and stand underneath this load and

move stuff out of the way it's going up

here to the truck and I'll show you

what's going on up here

Oh modeling back here let me show you

this trailer has spring suspension this

trailer does not have airbags all four

of these wheels are gonna stay on the

ground when you dump it there is no

airbags on this trailer to dump like

some of your other guys have now why

would you dump the airbags you dump the

airbags so the trailer settles down on

the frame and it makes the trailer more

stable this trailer doesn't have that

alright guys we're back in the truck now

since we're trailer does not have

airbags my tractor does so I can dump

the suspension on the tractor that'll

set the frame down on the axles so that

the truck itself is more stable this

part right here I feel fine with it the

way it is

I've got my trailer brakes applied my

tractor brakes off

so this is going to pull the truck back

to the trailer why do I want to do that

versus some of the other guys that have

that pull the trailer to the tractor

because most of the places I dump out

are very unstable there's holes there's

there's whatever so I want the trailer

to stay stable to stay still until I'm

ready to move it and the scrap

necessarily doesn't come out like sand

rock and gravel Doug's just saying so

with the airbags dump your trailer blade

brakes applied and come down here this

makes the trailer go up or down right

now it's in the neutral spot that's

forward but that's up and then back here

is down

this switch here is for my tarp tarp in

tarp out this turns pto all this little

yellow thing is there to keep you from

sliding it forward why are you driving

so clutching in push the yellow thing

down flip that on bike comes on your PTO

is engaged

push that forward you can look for the


thousand rpms is good

trailer starts going up you don't have

to wind this thing up no good 1500 rpms

of 2,000 rpms

don't have to do all that

and you said from me right there when

I'm dumping spray up the cylinder just

hit the third stage usually I'm good

right there if not I can go up higher

all right that's all the way

okay now it's all the way up in the air

so now you need to walk away from the

load that's trying to come out what I do

is hard to kick this into neutral I'm

going to hold my hand on this while I'm

walking away from incase if something

starts to happen it starts to rock one

way or the other I could flip this and

start letting it down quickly so

don't clutch in but on the break

come over here down the low gear

put the trailer in okay one hand is

gonna be right here one hand is gonna be

on the steering wheel if I wasn't home

this damn camera and just start easing

forward it's easy forward

most of the time the load will push you

away that's why you keep one foot on the

brake so you don't take off you take off

and that trailer hits a dam hold you

liable to turn it over so now I've

walked away from the load of course I

would be going farther than what I have

right now I'm gonna I'm gonna lick them

I'm gonna start letting the trailer down

now you cannot hold your foot on the

brake and let the trailer down at the

same time you can't do it because you're

going to tear something up because your

trailer brakes are applying and your

trailer brakes are playing one of them

needs to be free so set my trailer brake

because when I start letting the brakes

out of when I let this thing down

I want the tractor to move away I don't

want the trailer to move back towards

the lube I just set the tractor brake

the trailer is gonna move back towards

the load I don't want it to move back

towards the load I want it to I want

walk away from the lobe so now I could

jump out go close my door what head



alright guys there it is that's how I'd

dump my trailer that's the safe proper

way for a scrap trailer now he's saying

the rock guys might be a little

different do what works for you but do

it safely

as always drivers keeping these in the

breeze and shiny side up will be seen