Dyson AM07 Cooling Fan Review and Demonstration

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hi in this video I'll be showing you


it's the Dyson amo seven calling phone

and as you can see I've already got it

unboxed but what I want to do today is

just to show you some of the features

and benefits that this fan offers and

despite the price why is one of the best

selling vans in the market at the moment

so I'll get it plugged in and let's hold

up so this model the amo seven is part

of their calling range and there are

other models in the range that's our hot

and cold but for the purpose of this one

this is just the the cold only it has

got a baby brother at the amo six that's

the much smaller version but with this

one it does measure a meter high so it's

a really good at our phone as they call

it and it just used our multiplier

technology that basically means that

it's bladeless and what you'll find is

that if you have got people in the

household or even at work the things or

hospitals then because it is bladeless

than it's completely safe and what you

will find is if you have got people

around that my stick things through a

normal phone and might hurt themselves

or other people then this is a really

good solution now on this model and the

majority of the other cooling products

in the Dasom range it does come with a

little remote control and as i show you

it is really tiny but it's very very

effective and I'll show you so that some

of the functions on it so first of all

you got the on and off button the next

one is the speed don't switch it on and

so it show you in a moment

the next one is a timer and then you've

got the oscillation button and with the

remote control what you can do for

storage purposes because that's the sort

of thing that either year your dog could

eat or children could run away with it

so what they've done is they've come up

with a really simple solution and it's

magnetic and it just sits on top what a

brilliant design it's just something

that's so simple but yet very effective

so whenever you're not sure where it is

just have a look on the fan or going

after children that's that's where it'll

be so zoomed in little bit here

to show you the front of the fan and

there are two ways you can turn this on

you can either use the remote control as

we showed you earlier using the top left

button the other way is to actually

press the button on the front there and

then once you've turned it on it's got a

little display and this basically goes

from 1 to 10 and clearly number 1 is the

least power and as you go up to 10 it's

a much more powerful I'll just show you


so I won't keep it on that too long

because I know that with the family

going up against the microphone then it

makes it quite noisy but what you'll

find is there are two ways you can

increase or decrease the power on this

first of all you can use the remote as I

was doing then the other option is just

press and hold the button so if Crescent

whole were there then it goes up to ten

if you want to decrease it then you can

press and hold the button to bring it

back down again

but really fit for the most of time you

you just find you use the remote control

what you've also got on here is the

timer function so that's the button on

the right-hand side of the remote

control and when you press that so to

start off with it goes up in 15-minute

increments so you've got up to an hour

and then it goes up in hour increments

and what you can do this is basically a

just a timer to get it to turn off so at

the moment that goes up to nine hours

and this is rarely designed so if you've

got it on while you sleep in then what

it will do is after nine hours that will

switch off or if you only wanted it on

for say an hour then just reduce it down

to one hour and then that basically

means it will turn off I'm not really

good because I know some people struggle

to get to sleep especially when it's hot

but you don't want the fan on all night

and you know I don't have to bother to

get up and turn it off so something else

that this fan will do is it will

oscillate and by pressing this button at

the top right on the remote control that

basically means that it will turn left

or right

and what you'll find is that that can be

a really useful feature especially if

you've got multiple people that you want

to try and cool down and what it will do

is it as it shows it it will turn left

to right and especially things like at

night you don't necessarily want the

cold air on you permanently you might

just want it to oscillate past you and

when you want to stop it you just press

the button again and then it stops so

when it comes to the maintenance of this

fund the main advantage of owning that

arsenio mo7

is that there isn't really an amazing us

and compared to some other products

where you might need to take them apart

to clean them the only thing we'd

suggest is just to use a cloth to make

sure you keep it sort of dust free and

the only thing I do normally suggest is

because you see on here that you've got

the stickers too when you first get it

you've got the stickers on here just to

show you how to clip it together

and if you just undo that and then take

the take that off and you're just saying


and I weren't really going to too much

detail you've actually got the parts of

the the motor and everything that are in

there so just make sure that's all clear

and just kept clean and then once you've

got that this just clicks back on into

place and then you're ready to go if

you're thinking to Paris in one of these

fans and have provided a link below to

show you where to get one at a

competitive price I hope you've enjoyed

the quick video on the dyson amo 7

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