How to Connect a DVD/VCR Player to your TV

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here's a super quick video on how to

hook this up I do apologize for lack of

professional quality we did just move to

a new location so we currently don't

have a video set up for this yet but

here are the cables you see the yellow

one right here is the video cable the

red and white ones are both the audio

cables will have one cord for a total of

six ends what you want to do is go to

the back of your VHS DVD combo player

and you'll see right here you have a DVD

VCR audio out this is where these cables

plug in you're gonna want one set of the

cables to plug in to this end so yellow

one will go into the yellow slot read

into the red slot and then white into

the white slot and make sure you push

them in hard so they go through and

actually make the proper connection

they're not making the proper connection

you might have a blank output or it will

look differently if you can see there on

the sides each one of these are all the

way in now the next thing you're gonna

want to do is hook this up to the back

of your TV for the other end so let's

take these cables we're gonna go over

here to the other end of the TV and you

will have a set over here where it says

the unplug these camels real quick

usually it'll have a yellow red and

white here but if it doesn't it should

have a set up here where it says L and R

with white and red and then video or

yellow for the yellow side of the cable

if you have a regular TV it'll just have

a white yellow and red cable they're

gonna want to hook up these end which is

already hooked up to the other side of

your VHS DVD combo and then plug them in

here make sure they may reach the proper

connection if they don't you will

receive a pink or black or fuzzy picture

after you're done with that you're gonna

want to make sure that this right here

is plugged into power and you take the

end of the cord and plug it into your

power strip or wall outlet then you're

going to want to hit power on your VHS

DVD combo

and then you'll want to switch your

television to a B see if I can get this

here so the next thing sorry about that

is setting the TV to baby so we're gonna

want to go to source and then up in the

top right switch it to a V if it's not

already then you should receive this

kind of picture here with the remote you

can change that now if you have your

remote you can change these settings on

your remote but if you don't you have

the BSB crn DVD side here now you can

open it for the DVD touch it open right

there you can place your DVD in and it

should pop up here now to switch it from

DVD to VCR you're gonna want to click

this button on your VHS DVD combo almost

all VHS DVD combo players have this and

you should be able to switch that on

your remote switching it to DVD will

move it straight to here if we go to VHS

our VCR let me plug in our VCR it should

load up and play on the television

screen here

now let's fast forward this so we can

actually get a picture and now we see

that we have a picture on the VCR player

and that's how to set up the VCR DVD

combo player