How to Operate an Articulated Dump Truck // Ep. 137

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everyone welcome to this training video

on how to operate an off-road haul truck

so today we'll be using a Komatsu hm 300

haul truck which is an articulated model

we have it out our Minnesota site we

thought be great do a training video on

it first things first we've already done

our pre-op inspection on the haul truck

as well as the site and then you know I

always tell you every time we're not

expert so I'm going to show you kind of

what we've learned but I always

encourage people to give comments

feedback and what they've learned so

let's get in this thing and check it out



so first thing pretty much contact

anytime they're getting in and out of

any heavy equipment come on sue haul

trucks load from the front okay close