How to Operate a Dump Trailer

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hey guys it's Jeff form and I work at

trailers of the East Coast and sales and

today I'm going to do a how-to video on

the hydraulic dump trailers we're going

to show you the hydraulic dump system

show you how the ramps operate the

tailgate system and the tarp covers so

check it out hey guys I just want to go

over a little bit

what the functions of a dump trailer are

they've been around a while and it's

just been a really good setup for

contractors roofing contractors

landscaping companies you know these

trailers can all gravel dirt mulch sand

roofing shingles there's just many

different uses for diese these hydraulic

dump trailers to really get the job done

they're also a combination you can use

these lowrider styles as a equipment

trailer as well all your Bobcats kit

stirs get you with your sights so it's

just really good really good setup okay

guys we're going to look at the heart of

the dump trailer which is the hydraulic

system here you see we have a 12-volt

hydraulic pump here that runs with

automatic transmission fluid that's what

pumps through your cylinders to to get

the trailer to raise you have a 12-volt

battery here so this is all enclosed in

a lockable toolbox you have the

hydraulic remote here that will show you

here in just a second that's going to

raise this trailer up and down for

safety reasons this remote is removable

it's just a quick disconnect right here

and that way if you have this out on

site or at your house where there's kids

around you can always take this off and

keep it away from buddy can can raise it

up and down when your don't want to but

I'm gonna raise this bed up for you

these dump trailers give you a full 45

degree angle

we want to point out if you're ever you

need to check your hydraulic lines to

look make sure there's no little safety

problems that you always make sure you

have so when you let this bed down and

that way you got some safety feature

here to keep it just in case of

hydraulics failed you want to be under

so this right here is very important to

always make sure you do that today we're

doing our demonstration on a brand new

2014 suretrack seven-by-twelve

dump trailer I just want to go over a

couple features that these guys do that

a little bit better than the rest and

why we do so well with them I will say

that in the nation share track is the

fourth largest dump trailer

manufacturers so we've got a good

company that we sell and just a few

things that they do this different than

a lot of companies I mean you see this

nice sidestep here a lot of companies

don't put that on there but it's

convenient when you're strapping your

Bob counters gets your in there it's

just nice to be able to get up stepping

point to reach over the sides here and

tie down what things suretrack does all

their wiring runs through all their -

prank you notice everything they do is a

tube frame which is the strongest way

you can can do these type of trailer 11

gauge floors and sides a standard for

them they can do heavier thicknesses a

just a really well-built trailer and

we're glad to sell their product alright

now we're going to demonstrate how to do

the tarp system here tarps are required

by law on all dump trailers these are a

one-man job the way these tarts work you

see you got a geared system here there's

a spring-loaded lock here we're just

going to undo undo our rope which ties

off to the side

there we go walk to the front again

tighten up our star this power ready to

go down through alright now we're going

to get the tarp back rolled up they'll

show you how to do that we're going to

go back to the back here undo our rope

I like myself

again you're ready to go all right guys

I'm gonna demonstrate how to work the

spread gate here the spread gate again

is great for sand or grain something

small and fine that you don't want to

dump all at one time you can do the

spread style just to do a little bit at

a time so I'm going to work this gate

here let's just see how it works

as you can see it only allows it to open

up just a little bit at a time there to

spread your small material hey guys

we're going to show you how to

completely open the tailgate

whenever you're loading your equipment

in here your Bobcats when you're wanting

to dump everything that's inside of here

out you're going to want to operate what

we're about to show you now there's a

safety pin here on this latch that

you're going to undo you'll swing this

gate all the way to the side here the

safety chain here that looks into the


this point we're ready to do

as you can see the heavy-duty safety

chains holding these gates up and they

will everything to be safe while you're

dumping and you okay guys we're going to

show you how to operate the ramp system

here again it's great

place your track does theirs and you'll

see why here just a second I'll show you

how to pull these out and how to put

them in place it's a little piece right

here that you're just going to turn to

free up for the ramp is

want to point out something that

suretrack does most companies on their

ramps just have a little piece of angle

that hooks into this piece here you can

see they've got a very thick piece of

metal here this formed and danton rolled

that just gives you that smooth

transition as you're driving your

implements in one other great thing they

do you can do any kind of width on this

so whatever your wheelbase is you can

adjust these ramps this whole section

here to get just the right width this is

how you operate these inside here is

your back earrings ha bouncing is very

nice heavy duty wants to secure your

equipment in they have a side engineer

stiffening system for their walls if

they've done this enable them to put

these d-rings on the sidewall it's a lot

more convenient than have them all

okay we're ready to stir the ramps back

into the trailer close our tailgate

we're ready to go again okay guys we're

going to close here but I just want to

go over a couple more features of the

short-track brand that we sell here

trailers of the East Coast we carry lots

of different sizes different weight

capacities this particular trailer that

we looked at today has two six thousand

pound axles so you can dump right at

nine thousand pounds of weight in this

all the short track trailers have this

nice powder coat paint fish your typical

acrylic enamel paint trailers they may

have some sheen to it for maybe a year

these guys will have it for a very long

time four or five years plus the counter

coat paint finish is going up it's going

to look like this so it's really nice

blue professional when you're out there

when you work for your customers one

thing I want to hit on to the quality of

the suretrack brand every weld inside

that bed is a solid will

most companies just do stitch welding

these guys do it all the way through so

it's just a really great product come

out and see us I hope this video was a

very instrumental in you learning a

little bit about dump trailers and we

hope to see you guys

happy dope