How To Use A Dryer (FULL Tutorial)

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to use a dryer so the first step is

to take the articles of clothing and

load them into the dryer as you can see

right here I have my articles of

clothing and I have taken them from the

wash and put them into the dryer if you

use a dryer sheet

you should definitely put that into the

dryer at this point in time but I don't

use any dryer sheets so all that I have

inside of the dryer are the articles of

clothing now you should close the dryer

door just like that now we're going to

take a look at the upper portion of the

dryer which is basically the control

center for all of the features and

options now I will be going over these

specific features and knobs on this

specific dryer however the majority of

dryers will have features and knobs that