What It Takes to Start a Dry Cleaning Business

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my name's of Fredrik Wendy and I operate

a dry-cleaning and you need a cutter of

about six million to start a

dry-cleaning business there are two

categories of machine that we use to

operate a dry cleaner

one is the dry cleaning machine which

compose of a dry cleaning machine itself

a pressing machine and some other

acessories like owning a table there is

also a round room machine that we used

to clean some items like advanced towels

and this one uses water the dry cleaning

machine uses solvent but there are no

machine uses water

we also need to identify a proper place

where you can put your machines and the

press way is accessible to all your

customers and also you have to rent a

good building that's permanent building

where there is enough water and the

power supply is always yeah for example

if you you have a shop and maybe like

this one is a very small shop you can t

fix all the machines in one shop so you

can just rent a shop as a collection

point and then you you rent another one

where you can fix your machines to be

operated from there the importance of

having collection points is that you are

able to reach the customers who are far

from your business at one point and also

you gather more customers than your

competitors you can have as many as you

you can provided you have a vehicle to

go and pick the clothes and then return

them when they are cleaned the input you

need in this business you have to have

receipt books paper bags hangers and

also can you cause that's stain removers

detergents you can give roughly a

million for the stock or you can start

with as RIT was five employees last day

you can have the operators to apparatus

then the receptionist a cashier and then

you pay them at the range of 15,000 a

month and then have you have to pay the

rent you have to pay the rec tricity and

the rest water it's about 100 to 120

thousand in a good month you can make

our about seventy thousand after the

cost but in a moment you can because

forty thousand per month if one wants to

venture into a dry cleaning business it

takes him to have good capital by good

machines and employ people with the

experience and that's what it takes to


a good business thank you