How to Operate a Power Drill for Beginners

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hi I'm Lee and today I want to

demonstrate two different types of

drills the first drill I'm going to

demonstrate is the battery-operated

drill this drill is very popular today

the second drill I'm going to

demonstrate is this drill right here and

it's the plug-in kind regardless of

which drill your you own or you're

thinking about purchasing a drill is a

must-have in anyone's toolbox okay this

is the cordless and there's a few

features I want to bring to your


number one it's battery operated so to

charge it you want to remove the battery

from the drill as I just did and then it

comes with its own docking unit you take

the battery and just snap it in and then

you plug it in the wall and it charges

the battery now it snaps back into the

drill fully charged so the next feature

I want to show you is how to remove the

bit doesn't matter if it's a Phillips

bit a spade bit or a drill bit there's a

button on the side that determines the

direction that the bit is spinning well

we're going to take that bit out so

we're going to press it in now with the

button pushed in you grab the Chuck

that's what this is this little round

cylinder is the Chuck don't grab the bit

don't grab this here grab the Chuck

firmly and then I want you to depress

the trigger you're going to pull this

trigger back and what's going to happen

is the Chuck is going to loosen its grip

around the bit let me demonstrate

I want to show you how the Chuck

tightens and loosens I've got the button

on this side of the drill press Ted and

I'm now I'm going to pull the trigger on

the drill keep your eye on which way the

chuck is turning now I'm going to

depress the button on the opposite side

of the drill there we go and now I want

you to watch which way the Chuck is

turning okay the direction that the

Chuck spins in determines whether or not

you're loosening or tightening the bit

now inside the chuck

there's we're going to call three arms

and I'm going to press the trigger and

I'm going to show you what these arms

look like

so you're probably wondering what are

those what are they for

well that's what grabs hold of your bed

now you would never see this if you had

a large bed in the Chuck you would only

see it when you had a very tiny bit

let me demonstrate when I'm going to

retract it a little bit and then what

I'm going to do is I'm going to install

a very tiny bit this is a very tiny bit

and so that's the only time you would

really see those arms when you were

using a really small bit you wouldn't

even know that they were there but

that's what's grabbing firmly to that

bit a spade bit is very wide so now

we're going to insert it inside of the

chock make certain that it's centered

probably the best way to do it is to

steady the bit and turn the Chuck

manually just till it grabs it there we

go now we can hold the Chuck firmly pull

the trigger on the drill and that's it

and to demonstrate how the spade bit

works that pointy tip at the top that's

going to work as a guide we're going to

get going

this drill here this is a drill with a

cord but it operates very close to the

way the Accord 'less drill operates you

have a Chuck here different arises when

you're tightening the Chuck so I'm going

to insert the Spade bit like so there we

go I'm going to Center it and it's

centered but here's the difference

I would tighten it by pulling on the

trigger not with this drill you don't

want to do that there's a lot of power

here so what you do is you firmly grab

the Chuck and turn one way while you

firmly grab the bottom of the Chuck the

silver band and turn in the opposite

direction you'll hear a click click well

that's tight now so I'm going to

continue the same hole that I'm in with

the battery operated

well today you'll learn how to operate

not one but two drills a cordless drill

in the kind that you plug in this is

Leah saying you can do this see you next