Ever wonder what it's like to be a dragline operator?

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good afternoon my name's Colonel Green

operating a Marion 1850 you DD dragline

here at Cavalry's mine okay

right foot swings the machine to the

right left foot to the left but because

there's no actual when you take it off

stop it you've got a but they call

carelessly when plug the opposite way

like I'm going left there now I'm

plugging right so when I stop

I'm putting the where I wanted to go

left hand or left lever is the drag

which is the rates coming in right leave

is up for the hoist and basically it's

making base and work together to fill

the bucket up and then this machine

bringing you DD you've got a couple

different buttons for your bucket you've

got a big button carry button and a dump

button so like as I come around where I

want to dump it or slow down hit the red

stop button and it'll dumb