Bulldozer Training (Beginner) | Heavy Equipment Operator Training

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everyone this can be our entry-level

bulldozer 101 this is a remake of our

video we did about two years ago so this

is our 2020 version really taking some

feedback from you comments things like


to kind of go over the basic controls

again this will be the very beginning so

if you are a very new operator looking

at getting into it this video will be

for you

first things first as with all my videos

I say not an expert not claiming to be

just gonna kind of show you what I've

learned out here and what we've heard

from others seen other people do on our

sites the other piece is we've already

done our pre-op inspection we do have a

separate video on that so if you do want

to see a bulldozer pre-op video just go

ahead and we'll link to that and show