Whirlpool Dishwasher – How to Operate

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is the Whirlpool dishwasher and I'm

going to show you how to operate to go

through the different options that this

has as you can see this is the cabinet

style where you send the cabinet like

right there open it up just like this

and then there's various cycles and I'm

going to go through okay this is how you

turn it on if you have the cycles you

have to delay and then you have options

right so I'm gonna go through cycles

first okay you have this cycle right

here first it comes to the one-hour wash

say Frances you just want a quick wash

just you know to quickly run through it

and wash dishes because you have

someplace to go where you need to some

clean dishes that's the outer cycle as

you can see it gives you an hour and 18

minutes okay right here this then it

goes for the soap and clean now the so

can clean will the same Frances you have

some really ground um dirt and grime and

food on your dishes the soap can clean

is the best option for actually getting

your dishes clean now with that being

said it takes seven hours for them to

get clean that's a long time I ideally I

mean if you're going to do soap and

clean do it overnight

alright I've done it once it takes a

long time alright so yeah the one hour

wash you have a soaking clean and then

you have the sensor now it senses how

dirty the dishes are right here this is

an option of use couple of times you

know it works fairly well where you're

gives starts off with two hours and 56

minutes okay then there is the heavy

option alright so same rates you have

heavy soiled dishes they have a lot of

crud on the heavy mode is good for that

okay and then there is the regular

normal wash which is three hours and

eight minutes okay it's about thirty

minutes less than the heavy

alright and then there are some options

for washing once you have it make sure

selection as you can see it's normal

right there is an option of delay okay

we're going to go over that let's but

right now we're going to go to the

options like the sanding rids now this

option right here the sanding rinse and

actually adds about you know 20 minutes

on to the wash the sandy rinse what that

does is it heats the water when it's

rinsing to a very hot temperature I

believe it's 150 degrees and doing so

sanitizes your dishes at that

temperature that's not serious okay

right here is the heat dry option right

there you can take it on to take it off

it adds or subtracts about 10 minutes it

actually heats inside the dishwasher to

heat dry your dishes okay and then do

you have the high temperature wash press

that it adds about 20 minutes onto that

until the washers well - or maybe not

them at any extra time but it does use a

little bit more energy because it adds

heat to the water see where you have hot

water running into the dishwasher the

heat temperature wash actually makes it

a little bit hotter therefore making it

a little bit easier for to remove dirt

and grime off of your dishes okay

then there's the lock can control lock

button this is the button that you can

press to keep the controls from being

manipulated all right and then they have

to start and resume a button okay let's

go back to here to turn it on let's

remember I talked about the delay all

right now the delay button as you can

see I'm going to press the late button

you can actually delay the wash to start

one hour two hours three hours how many

of our hours that you want say for

instance you want it completely quiet in

your place and you don't want to hear

your dishwasher you can actually press

that for when you want it to wash very

cool option right there all right

now it's a start all you have to do is

press they'll come right here hold it


and it counts down and then you shut it

and you have to shut it completely or

else you won't walk you have four

seconds to close

or else it won't wash and then you do

the resume if you don't close enough

time and it starts to count over close

it all the way and it'll start your wash

let me know if you have any questions

thanks a lot for watching