How to Use a Dishwasher for the First Time ?

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take a look at the inside alright I

recently had some water is cuz I just

ran the thing through yesterday is to

make sure there's no debris or anything

again I just push one of the buttons let

it go but uh some trays here it's a

pretty big tray

they slide out and apparently you're

supposed to put the cups and stuff

facing down and just top ones for cups

and stuff this bottom one it's supposed

to be for pots and dishes and you put

your forks and spoons here knives as

well and here is where you actually put

your detergent and I hope this works so

if you have powder or liquid it goes

here you have the little capsules they

go here you can see the capsule they

dissolve by themselves that's why it has

a little grate here this one at certain

point the door opens to let out the