How to Operate a Mini-Excavator | Mini Excavator Controls

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hey everyone Randy with extreme sandbox

today we're gonna show you how to

operate our mini excavators so we get a

lot of clients out here that we show how

to use this equipment every day we

thought it'd be cool to put a how-to

video for our Komatsu mini excavators we

are not expert so I say that up front

but we can absolutely show you how to

operate them come on along first thing

it's always three points of contact when

you get in with all equipment door locks

open so you'll want to lock that open so

you have a solid handle here three-point

the contact coming up and all the way in

the first thing you always want to do is

put your seat belt on

now while the machines still shut down

the safety lock lever on the mini

excavators is basically this big arm

that goes all the way down so today