LG Dehumidifier - General Usage

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your LG dehumidifiers moves excess

moisture in your home caused by high

humid conditions giving you a more dry

and comfortable air before you start

using the product keep in mind that the

product operates at temperatures from 41

degrees Fahrenheit

to 90 degrees Fahrenheit avoid using the

product outside this temperature range

for water may freeze inside the product

where the product may overheat also the

product may increase room temperature by

about five degrees Fahrenheit if you

turn on the product and immediately

restart it it will take up to three

minutes before the product begins to

dehumidified this is normal unnecessary

to put like the product to start the

humidifying press power to turn on the

product the display will show the

current humidity level between the range

of 25 to 90 percent press the up and

down buttons to gesture desired humidity

setting in the range of 30 to 80 percent

the display shows the desired humidity

level and after five seconds reverts to

the current humidity level make sure to

set the desired humidity level below the

current humidity level press the fan

speed button to select either

or low-speed using the timer function

allows you to set the product to

automatically shut off after a fixed

amount of time you can set it to 1 to 12

hours the product will turn off once a

timer expires or if the water bucket is

full in order to avoid the water bucket

filling up before the timer ends it's

recommended to empty the water bucket

before setting the timer to disable the

timer repeatedly press the timer button

until 12:00 appears and press once more

a safety standby light turns on after 23

hours of continuous operation for a

1-hour the product will temporarily shut

off to prevent product malfunction and

will automatically resume operation the

bucket full light turns on when the

water bucket is full remove the water

bucket empty the water and replace the

water bucket

the check filter light turns on after

350 hours for 15 days of continuous

operation check the filter and clean it

if necessary after cleaning filter press

and hold the filter reset button for 3

seconds to reset the operating time back

to 0 hours the auto defrost function

turns on automatically to remove any

frost in the product caused by cold

temperatures during this function the

compressor will stop wait for the auto

defrost cycle to end and auto defrost

light will turn off and the product will

resume before you enter the water bucket

turn off the product and unplug it

pull the top handle of the water bucket

to remove it from the product if you

notice that water is dripping remove it

with a soft cloth remove the cover and

pour out the water put the cover back on

replace the water bucket into the

product make sure to angle the bottom

and then push the top into place