How to Use a Dishwasher for the First Time ?

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take a look at the inside alright I

recently had some water is cuz I just

ran the thing through yesterday is to

make sure there's no debris or anything

again I just push one of the buttons let

it go but uh some trays here it's a

pretty big tray

they slide out and apparently you're

supposed to put the cups and stuff

facing down and just top ones for cups

and stuff this bottom one it's supposed

to be for pots and dishes and you put

your forks and spoons here knives as

well and here is where you actually put

your detergent and I hope this works so

if you have powder or liquid it goes

here you have the little capsules they

go here you can see the capsule they

dissolve by themselves that's why it has

a little grate here this one at certain

point the door opens to let out the

detergent powder you have here but I

bought capsules just because it seemed

like the best option I think it has like

a rinsing agent in there as well so that

I don't have to put an extra rinse thing

here so if you want to have some kind of

rinse aging you would put a year but I

just went with the top the capsule all

right I'm gonna close it back up and I'm

gonna go ahead and start loading some of

these dishes dishwasher and when my

detergent capsules come in and we'll go

ahead and get started and the weird

thing is I think I don't notice but

dishwashers take a long time to wash the

dishes we're talking like maybe an hour

two hours again it's my first time using

once I don't know so maybe I'll time

see okay come back in a bit

you know I'm afraid of clothes

so you see put your glasses stuff I have

here my glasses glass cups breaks this

bottom one I have a bunch of pots and my

utensils and stuff alright so here's an

important part alright so this is where

you put your detergent either liquid or

powder and if you have the capsule like

I think you're gonna put into the open

partner difference is it that's this

little grate right here where the

capsule will dissolve eventually but it

get the detergent eventually door hoping

this is everything now here is where you

would put your guess your rinse agent

like a something to talk with the

rinsing so you don't get spot to put it

there but the thing the capsule has

everything so I'm gonna go with the

capsule I'll try it but you guys know

how it works out all right

so let's do this I'm gonna open up my

Finnish mega pack Powerball zoom out a

bit spin this up see alright so looks

cool cuz they're individually wrapped

then one thing I got these I didn't want

to measure how much powder or liquid to

put in there I just wanted to get one of

these open it up put it in there okay so

hopefully this makes it easy just take a


don't forget jet dry I don't know what

that means

maybe that's like the yeah

rinsing agent alright alright let's open

it up

all right so that's little red thing in

the top and I'm assuming you put it as a

strong smell Wow okay and you put this

facing up and you're gonna put it in


let that facing up zoom in so you could


all right you see that right there and

then you're gonna close this door why I

think this is too big not good okay

but you know what these capsules too big

that little red ball push it up this is

not distort close so now I'm gonna buy

this brand because it's just like really

thick or face it the other way that's


maybe I should be the instructions huh

directions for use here we go right

there so remove the tablet from its

protective wrapper place the unwrapped

tablet in the main dishwasher detergent

dispenser and clothes use one tablet per

wash the tablet does not fit consult the

dishwasher manufacturer for manual for

the device all right well I'm gonna put

a little ball facing down

it's about the same even with the

increasing you know I think so I'm gonna

close this all right so this is we're

all confused as a bunch of stuff I don't

know what to press so there's lots of

patents I do have some but I don't want

this thing to run for deck to the other


it was normal it was light speed cycle

and there's rinse and hold no idea what

that is right here it's a sensing clean

sanitized there was something that

society ghost me yeah I'm not sure

there's options here which I don't know

where do you press what purse is high

temp wash sanitize rinse beating dry I'm

just gonna go with pressing light and I

was in the let ago I'm assuming it take

like a couple of hours long oppressed

night and assuming he says start

and of Corti to pick all the dishes

ahead but I could do the other ones

behind me I said a lot I'm gonna do like

put some button and hoping something

happens this is my first time using a

dishwasher my entire life

oh I hear water and here's something you

get your water coming

oh and one thing you shouldn't do is

again I ran this just to clean it out


I don't that was my first use look again

one thing you shouldn't do you shouldn't

open it put your face here because the

hot steam will kind of bring your face

let me do the SVD okay so I see the

water's coming out I know that this run

that must means gonna take like an hour

or two so let's take a look at the time

see what time it is right now alright so

the time right now is 8:40 so I'm gonna

keep track of how long this dishwasher

takes to wash these dishes so I'm just

gonna take like two hour all right I

just wanted you guys to hear that it

sounds like dishwashers like draining so

I think it's actually working

I don't know but okay we'll give some

more time feedback later all right guys

it's now 10:30 and I'm gonna check the

dishwasher there's no sound coming out

of the dishwasher but there's a light

right here it says sensing just clean so

I'm not sure what it's doing I'm just

gonna let it be hopefully the light goes

off go so sanitize or I'm not sure what

goes on but I'll leave it there

we'll see all right here we go so it's

the next day and the dishwasher that

this is a been in the dishwasher

since last night I was too late by the

time I thought it was done so let's let

it sit there stop next day sometime

after work so let's take a look to see

how all right a little bit of a funny

smell tube it seems okay all right all

right show you guys know I use that

tablet Wow that pink that that was a

tough little mess over here in my

dishwasher so I'm not sure what test was

supposed to do but it just ended up on

the bottom of my dishwasher so I may not

use these tablets again these particular

ones because I went with that red stuff

on top - but I already bought a pack of

90 for me I just popped in the red stuff


other than that still a lot still quite

a bit wet not sure how it drives maybe

it not sure you supposed to leave the

dishwasher open for a while or how it

dries but we'll see how to take it out

later and that's it that was my very

first time using a dishwasher in my life

so I use it again maybe for some stuff

maybe I try a different dishwasher

detergent until next time all right see

you guys next time