How to Start a Daycare Business| I will show you how step by step!

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hey there welcome to child care Success

tools my name is Ashley Benz I am your

child care success coach and instructor

and I am so happy to have you here today

and if you are wanting to open up your

own child care program and you struggle

with how to get started you are

definitely in the right place I have the

perfect solution for you where I'm

actually going to walk you through step

by step on how to open up your own

family child care home or a licensed

childcare center and the step-by-step

system that I'm going to show you today

and it's actually going to be where I'm

actually going to hold your hand every

step of the way

and you won't be alone during the

process and we can definitely get you

open within a few weeks of getting

started with the system that I'm going

to show you today so I mean if you are

really you know if you've really been

seriously wanting to open up a child

care program and you just don't really

know how to go about doing it where to

get started and things like that you are

in the right place so and before we get

started I wanted to definitely share

with you my story and basically I

actually am a former owner operator and

director of a childcare program of 10

years I actually started out as a family

child care home provider and then I

opened up a licensed childcare facility

and so I've been on both ends of the

spectrum and I've been through both

processes and you know I know everything

that it takes to get a childcare center

open so when I decided to open at my

family childcare home and it was very

very challenging and I didn't really

have like you know a um a body that

really was able to help me other than

the resources at the division of

regulated child care provided

in my area you know I really didn't have

you know anybody to show me around as

far as exactly what to do and to make

sure that I avoided mistakes and

failures and so there was a lot of

things that I had no idea when I you

know started to open up my childcare

program so um I made a lot of failures I

made a lot of mistakes there were things

that cost me money there were things

that cost me time and so I created child

care success tools because if I would

have had you know the read the proper

resources whenever I started my own

child care programs and I really thought

I really feel like I would have been

definitely had a better start and just

would have avoided a lot of mistakes a

lot of failures um you know and and

whenever whenever that happens you know

in a business whenever you make mistakes

and failures just because of not being

aware it can really set you for a lot of

failures in your business which is what

happened to me and so you know I

obviously had a lot of successes in my

childcare programs but you know I had a

lot of failures and mistakes just

through not really understanding and

knowing how to properly do things and

and that really begins with setting the

proper foundation so um the system that

I'm going to show you today is going to

be able to get you open your childcare

program and show you how to do it from

start to finish and it's going to cover

everything that you need to know there

is there's nothing that's going to be

left out of this step process and and

you will be able to open up your

childcare program within a few weeks get

it off the ground get it rolling and I

will be

there every step of the way you know to

answer your questions and to help you

and make sure that you you know get a

really good foundation and we all know

that anything in life if you're going to

be successful in anything you have to

lay the foundation and it has to be laid

perfectly it has to be laid right

because if something is out of place you

may not feel it at that you know

specific time but eventually something

will come up later on in your childcare

program in your in your business and you

know that's going to that's going to

affect you and cause you to make some

failures so I'm going to show you how to

do it the right way

so what I've done is I have created an

amazing online self-paced course that's

going to walk you through step by step

and show you from start to finish how to

do this so instead of me I'm telling you

about it you know I'm a visual learner I

have to see things to really understand

how it works so and suddenly telling you

about it I'm going to actually show you

how the program works and I'm actually

take you to my computer and I'm going to

show you exactly you know how the

step-by-step process works so if you're

interested in and looking at that and

joining me at my laptop then just stay

tuned okay you guys so here we are and

this is basically after you enroll in

the course and this is basically what

you're going to see this is the class

curriculum this is the online course

this is this is you being an enrolled

student and so I'm just going to kind of

basically go over the curriculum with

you and kind of show you around

and so basically obviously this is you

know how to start your own licensed

childcare center or family childcare

home and this actually shows you your

progress once again this is a self-paced

course so you can start and stop when

you need to you and as you can see over

here you've got your start

you know starts here and then this is

going to show you your progress how much

of it is completed and also you have

access to me which I am your instructor

so if you click on instructor and it

just gives you some information about me

and things that nature um and then also

um you have when you enroll in the

course you actually get um as part of

the course you get to be a part of the

members only area for the how to start

your own license childcare center our

family childcare home which is my

private Facebook group page and it's

basically you know it's a support group

it's a support page where you know if

you have questions if you know going

along throughout the course and things

like that you have questions and you

know either myself or someone in the

group you know will be able to help you

with that like I had mentioned before um

and so um you also you know have that

feature as well now once you like I say

once you enroll and you're ready to get

started and basically here is um you

know getting started so you get a

welcome video are you ready to open your

childcare program and then I go over the

course overview which is kind of similar

to what I'm doing now but it's a you

know a little bit more in-depth and then

um then we go over business plan and

vision statements so I will show you how

to write your business plan and also how

to have a vision statement because you

always want to have a vision statement

and a vision for your program along with

your business plan and for each of these

and for the business plan I actually

give you a template also the vision

statement you get to actually see my

vision statement that I use for my

childcare program and one of the cool

things I love about this is that we

visit websites so throughout the courses

and you know I will take you to

different websites this

going to be able to help you and and and

provide the tools that you need to get

your childcare program open and also we

go into understanding funding and

choosing your location and naming your

Center choosing your business entities

so should you be a sole proprietor

should you be an LLC should you be a

corporation I show you how to do that

and and then we go into understanding

your state regulations and getting set

up and so here we will go visit websites

so I'll show you kind of where to go to

be able to find your state guidelines

and regulations because before you even

open your doors you're going to have to

UM be licensed by your state to do that

so so I'll show you how to do that and

food program and childcare assistance

programs and I will show you how to what

those programs are and how you can get

started with those programs and the food

program is basically allows you to serve

quality meals to children and you get

reimbursements back which can really

help out and then the childcare

assistance programs is like you know if

you want to serve to low-income families

and things like that setting up your

office space for productivity so I show

you how to do that and I actually show

you how to set up your office space

paperless and that's something that I

did not do when I've got started with my

childcare program and I wish that I had

have known how to do that when I got

started because it actually saves you

money and it kind of helps you to be

able to you know make an automated

childcare program and in a lot of your

in a lot of areas which is really really

cool so I'll show you how to do that and

I'll walk you through as setting up your

classrooms and learning spaces um and so

we go over that lesson planning and

curriculum and we will

you know I'll show you how to do that

and I actually will give you templates I

go over infant taller preschool and

school age at lesson planning and

curriculum and so you actually get

samples of examples of lesson plans that

I use along with blank templates along

with this in this lecture here and we

also talk about daily activity schedules

which you also get access to those as

well and then as we move along to hiring

staff and handbooks and manuals and I

will show you how to or talk to you

about hiring staff and where to find the

best teachers at so I will visit

websites there I'm also how to write an

employee and parent handbook and

actually in this lecture I actually go

over my own copies of my staff handbooks

and I also go over my copies of my

parent handbooks that you can use in

your program and all these are usually

PDF files so you can actually download

it and you know edit and or you know

things like that that you can have

access to um and then this lecture here

is so important you know I wish I had

something like this before I got started

because um budgeting is so important in

running your childcare program so I will

show you how to budget using an Excel


um and I actually give you my template

and the template that I give you is one

that I revised it's been revised as

tried and true over ten years and so

what you are getting is my final Excel

spreadsheet budgeting system that I use

and it's it's amazing it basically shows

you how to you know set your prices you

can kind of play around with things it

is show you percentages of like how what

percentage is that you will be spending


staff costs and expenses and it's just

really really cool so and this is this

is a tool right here

that is really really you know going to

be able to help you save on a lot of

mistakes and making sure that your

business profits because at the end of

the day if you do not create a business

a childcare program that is profiting

all you're really doing is setting up an

expensive hobby okay and you don't want

to do that so this is just it's a really

cool lecture and like I said you

actually get your own blank template

that you can use advertising marketing

and what to charge so um we learn how to

market I go over advertising and how to

brand your Center and also we talk about

what should you charge and understanding

how to set your prices and along with

this lecture you actually get a copy of

my rate sheet and with the marketing

advertising one you get access to

examples of some ads I've used and

things like that and then building your

circle of success

I'm the importance of having a success

team we talked about that at the end and

because it's so important to have you

know what I always called it my success

team so it was people around me that you

know was able to provide things that I

wasn't able to provide because as a

human being

our minds can only go so far you know

and so you have to have other people

involved in your business and you have

to build a team that can help you

continue to sustain your childcare

program because it's it's one thing to

get it open but to keep it open as a

total different you know topic and so

you know you have to have a success team

and so I do talk about that now in the

products and resource area and you do

get a

says to you the products page now the

products page is basically it's going to

go over and show you and you know the

different things that you can purchase

and things like that and the cool thing

about it is that if you are a student of

childcare Success tools and you enroll

in this course and I have set up some

discounts that you can have and with

different products so like books and and

furniture pieces and things like that so

the products page basically allows you

to have access to discounted products

and things of that nature and then the

resource area is where um all of the

forms and documents and templates and

things like that is how's that so this

is the course and one thing I do want to

tell you is that the one thing that is

different about this course here um and

that I feel like is you know something

that is that you're not going to find in

other courses is that it's it's number

one it's online which means that if

there's anything that needs to be

updated in the course because you do

have lifetime access to this course and

you're going to get information on that

okay so if there's something you know

that that I update on the course you

know because over time you know things

change and and so you know if I find

that you know and and I go in and update

that you're going to get access to that

versus a lot of the courses that you're

going to run across are like courses

that are in like a binder they get

mailed to you and those are okay but

what happens if something changes you

know with regulations or something like

that you know are they going to be

mailing you the updated information are

you going to be in the loop you know how

old is the is the binder does the binder

get updated you know so so this being


and I can get in here any time and

update any information and then you know

I always try to make sure that I email

those updates to my students so if

something like that changes throughout

not only this course but any courses on

that I offer a child care success tool

so this is it you guys all you have to

do is enroll and you get access to all

this so isn't this amazing okay so what

did you think about that I mean isn't

that amazing all the information all the

curriculum all the things you're going

to be learning and getting everything

set up I mean you know it's like this is

what I wish I had when I started my

program if I would have had this you

guys I would have been really honestly

um you know just my program would I ran

so much smoother it would have you know

had the right foundation and everything

so if you are a stay-at-home mom you

know I know a lot of stay-at-home moms

or really want to get into uh you know

how opening up their home for a

childcare a program because it allows

you to stay home with your children

while bringing in income and helping out

you know supplement the income in your

household if you you know so this is

great for you because it's self-paced so

you know you're able to work on it at

night when the kids are sleep I

completely understand because I have a

one-year-old so I know about that or

maybe you have a full-time job you know

maybe you're working a full-time job

right now and this has been a dream of

yours for a long time and you just you

know don't really know how to get it

going and the course is self-paced and

you can start and stop when you want to

and you know it's really going to allow

you to do it at your own speed and you

can do it as slow as you want to or as

fast as you want to and things like that

so you know this

this is the great thing about the online

course that I created or maybe you

actually work in a childcare program

which is which was my story and you know

you really want to do it you're yourself

once again this course is great for you

as well because once you get done you

know working at the childcare program

you can come home and you know work on

the course and things of that nature so

whatever your situation is this course

is is right for you you're in the right

place and this is amazing there was

nothing out there like this when I got

started and that's why I created it and

not only are you going to get access to

the course itself but you're also going

to get access to me and my community and

you know that way if you get stuck or

you know you have a problem or anything

like that and you know you don't have to

worry I've got you covered because

either somebody from my community or

either myself you know so that we can

assist you and definitely get you you

know back on track and get you out of

that that that place of being stuck and

also for those that are enrolled in my

courses I'm basically when you enroll in

one of my courses you become one of my

students and for my students I do have

office hours available so there's ways

that you can actually access me you know

and be able to ask me a question and

things of that nature as well so what I

want to do is I want you to click the

link below it's going to take you over

to the course page where I was showing

you and I just want you to look around

again take your time and look around and

you know if you are ready to really get

this started I want you to enroll in

this course today you can enroll today

and you can get started today on getting

your childcare program open and what I

want you to keep in mind because I know

that if you're like me you know money

probably right now is tight you know


that's going to be an issue and that's

with any one that's that's going to be

opening opening up a business but what I

want you to keep in mind is that you

know the first thing that you have to do

if you're going to be in a business

owner and an entrepreneur is that you

have to invest in yourself and that

means that you have to gain the correct

knowledge to be able to do it right you

don't let me just say this right up

front if you are wanting to do this

whether you're doing a family check your

home which is which is you know a little

not as intense as far as overhead and

things like that um you know or you are

doing a licensed childcare facility you

are going to be going into business and

this is a huge step you definitely want

to avoid you know mistakes and failures

that can really be costly and and you

know and money that you that you are not

going to have to be able to to cover the

cost of and so a lot of businesses get

closed down every day because they did

not set their business up correctly and

you know they didn't have the proper

foundation they didn't have anyone to

show them and so you know what happens

is is you know a department comes in

they hit you in a big fine and you can't

pay it and you're done for so you know I

don't want that to happen to you because

we need you know we need programs out

there good quality childcare programs

for our children to be able to attend so

the question that I want you to think

about and I want you to ask yourself is

how much money do you have to cover any

kind of mistakes and failures that may

come up if you don't set up your

business properly now if you have that

then you know that that is wonderful

actually that's that's great if you have

that kind of money if you don't have

that kind of money

then the cost of the cost to enroll in

my online self-paced course is going to

be your the best thing that you can do

for your business okay

in a business it's like a child it's

like having a baby this is going to be

your life this is going to be your

livelihood and we all know if you're a

mom or appearance of any of any common

form that you know we want to make sure

that our children are set up properly

and that they have a good foundation so

just really think about those things you

know when you are looking at the course

and looking around and and looking at

how much it cost okay I'm just going to

be free but and Frank with you now

before I let you go I do want to say

that this course is not for you if you

have been sort of kind of went to open

up one but you're not kind of really for

sure you know you kind of been going

back and forth and things like that if

you want to open up one but you're not

quite quite ready to give it your all

right now this is not for you if you're

not ready to truly become a business

owner and an entrepreneur and then you

know the course is not for you okay this

is this is this is not the right time

for you to enroll in my course but if

you're ready to open up your childcare

program and you are ready to you know

follow your dreams and you're ready to

wake up every single morning and love

what you do you're ready to provide for

your family and and you know turn your

passion into a paycheck then this course

is definitely for you this is for you

you are here at my video right now for a

reason and this is your time okay and

I'm going to be there every step of the

way to hold your hand so you don't have

to worry about that I've got you covered

so your very next step is to go ahead

and take action and you know and all you

got to do is

click the link below where it says

enroll and go ahead and roll in the

course today get started on it let's

start following your dreams you can do

this and if I can do it you can do it

and and so go ahead and take action and

let's go ahead and get your childcare

program open okay so um thanks so much

for joining me I hope that you found

this to be useful information for you

and also be sure that you um that you

like this video if you um you know felt

this is valuable information if you can

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thanks bye