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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm gonna do a different kind of

video and most of my videos are about

keto or about my weight loss or about

diet or any of those things but that is

not my whole life as a job or as a

career I run a home daycare basically

that means that I provide childcare for

families in my home I don't work at a

center I don't own a center I just

provide it within my home so I get asked

a lot when I tell people what I do howdy

how did you get there how did you decide

to start that why did you decide to

start that and how how do you go about

doing it so I sat down today and I wrote

out a bunch of tips and I want to share

those with you guys who are thinking

about becoming family childcare

providers so we're gonna get started so

if you see me looking down a lot it's

because I have my list here and I just

want to I basically listed everything so

that I can make sure this was a detailed

video and I give you as much information

as possible starting a home daycare can

be really overwhelming and it takes a

lot of work it's not just as simple as

babysitting it definitely takes a lot of

work so I have my list I have my keto

friendly coffee and we're gonna get

started so typically people want to know

why like why start a home daycare I feel

like there's a lot of benefits but

there's a lot of disadvantages as well

so some of the benefits that I have

found is that number one I'm home with

my kids I'm home with my kids all day I

when my kids go back to school I just

started this summer so when my older

kids get back to school I'm gonna be

here when they get home I'm here with my

younger two I have a one-year-old and a

two year old so they previously were in

daycare and now they don't have to be

because they're home with me which is

really nice another advantage that I

is that I'm able to be creative so while

I love the center that I used to work

for I thought they were wonderful you

kind of you know at the end of the day

you're really working for someone else

and you have to go along with their

vision and what they want for their

business but when you own your own

business you don't have to do that you

come up with the things that you want

and you make this space look as you want

and you can do whatever you want to an

extent another advantage that I have

found is that you can control your

schedule you get to set your times you

get to decide if you take vacation or

not you get to if you have to have a

sick day you don't have it's not that

you don't have anybody to answer to

because you really are answering to the

parents but your schedule is up to you

at the end of the day it's up to you I

have also noticed that the other thing

that is a benefit is that we save money

to an extent daycare does cost money but

we are not paying daycare any more for

our two youngest I'm not using gas I

don't even use the car most at the time

unless I'm going to like Target or

something after hours but you save money

on gas we're not I'm not eating out I

don't have to have like official work

clothes so at my last job we had to wear

my shirts and nice pants and things like

that I don't have to do that if I want

to go to work and yoga pants I can't

because it's in my home I don't do that

but if you wanted to you could

definitely do that and then you know you

can another advantage is that you can

write off expenses now this may not be

an advantage to everybody and you may

not do this I don't know but depending

on how much of your home you are using

for your program you can write off

things like your mortgage or your

utilities or your you know any sort of

expenses like that home repairs things

like that you would be able to partially

write off at the end of the year which

is great so the other advantage

for me is that I am home so if something

were to happen in the house I'm home if

one of my kids needed to be picked up

from school I am home if I have you know

if there's something that needs to be

done if I need to get extra laundry done

or if I need to you know do something

I'm home during that time and I goes

things during nap time where there are

some cons to owning a home daycare at

least for me it's not everything's not

you know sunshine and rainbows it can be

difficult so some of the cons that I

have found is that I feel like I cleaned

all the time and that comes with having

kids because even when I don't have

daycare I still feel like I'm cleaning

all the time because we have a lot of

kids and we have a lot of people don't

live in this house the other another con

would be you feel like your home is

taken over so we have a playroom but

that is not the only space that I use

for daycare we use our back yard we use

our kitchen we use our dining room and

we sometimes use our living room so it

can kind of feel like your home has been

taken over it can feel like you're at

work all the time another disadvantage

is that it's hard to balance the work

and the family and this is something

that's gonna come with time

but because you are working out of your

home it can be difficult at least for me

to peel myself away from work so I feel

like sometimes I'm always working on my

computer for daycare or you know there's

just always stuff that needs to be done

and because your home and your work is

there you do it all so balancing that

balancing you know basically closing the

door at the end of the day and saying

I'm done I'm gonna go spend time with my

family or I'm gonna go do other things

that can be really difficult I have

noticed that you're gonna have to handle

some difficult situations so at my last

Center if there was a disgruntled parent

you know our admin team pretty much

handled that I really didn't have to

deal with a lot of that which was nice

but when you're a home daycare provider

you are it you were the only person

you're coming to you are the front line

you are the boss so you're gonna have to

deal with those situations which can be

really really difficult at times

depending on the parent that you're

dealing with and you're gonna have to

make some hard decisions you're gonna

have to have a backbone which can be

hard you are it so understand that you

know everything's not going to be all

fine all the time some parents are

difficult and you know they can be

difficult just because they're difficult

or they can be difficult because they're

trying to protect their child and so

understand that you're gonna have to

deal with those things and if you're not

ready to deal with those things this may

not be the job for you

you're also gonna have to deal with long

hours so the typical parent works say

eight to five well you can't open at 8

and close at 5:00 because how are they

gonna get to work you have to consider

commute times and you have to be

understanding of that so I open at 7

o'clock and I close at 5:30 so this

gives parents you know a good hour to

get to work because morning rush hour is

no joke and a good thirty minutes or so

to get back to me and pick up their

child so you have to be understanding of

those situations and understand that

you're gonna be working long hours

depending on who you are depending on

what hours you set but if you want Fame

I mean if you want to be full typically

you're gonna have to work some long

hours and you're not always gonna get

the best pay for it so if you break down

how many kids you have and how many

hours you work you know it may not break

down to even minimum wage sometimes so

you have to be understanding of that and

you have to be okay with that

another disadvantage and I would say my

last real disadvantage is the fact that

there's gonna be kids coming into your

home parents are gonna bring their kids

sick as you know much is you may protest

or ask them not to there are gonna be

times into parents their kids sick and

those germs are gonna get into your

house and then your kids are gonna be

sick you're gonna constantly be


you're gonna get sick they say you will

never be more sick in your life than

your first year of teaching or your

first year at daycare it's very the

these children have lots of germs and

that's just gonna happen and so that can

be really hard

all right guys so I'm gonna give you ten

steps on how to start your daycare these

are the ten steps that I have used and I

feel like this is gonna be the best

process to open your daycare if you

don't agree that's totally fine you can

do it however way you want but this is

something that I have found has been

successful for me in the past and now

because I've done this twice so my

number one tip is to talk to your family

if you are Mary talk to your husband or

wife depending on who you are starting

the daycare talk to your husband or wife

talk to your kids talk to whoever else

is living in your home so in my home I

have my fiancee I have my children but I

also have my parents so I had to talk to

everybody and make sure this was

something that everyone was okay with

because it's going to affect your family

even if you don't think it will it's

going to affect them there may be a time

when your spouse is off and you still

have daycare and they can't fully relax

because it's so loud in the house that

just happens there's gonna be times when

your children are sick and you like

maybe your older kids are sick and you

don't want to call daycare you're not

gonna be able to give your kids 100% of

the attention that they need my kids if

they have any sports or clubs or

anything like that right after school

before I close most of the time I can't

go to those things because I still have

daycare kids and I'm not gonna transport

them there so those you know I would

definitely say talk to your family first

don't just jump into it and not even

bother with their opinion because it's

gonna affect them and you want to be

respectful of their time and you want to

be respectful of their space my next tip

number two would be to determine the

need in your community so you want to

look around your community you want to

see do you guys have a public preschool

available dia free preschool available

do you have an abundance of childcare

centers do you have an abundance of

in-home date

is there still a need now typically

there's not a shortage of need for

childcare typically there are a lot of

people who need childcare and some

people prefer centers and some people

prefer in-home daycare and that's fine

so you want to see what's the need is

there do you guys have maybe a factory

in your town where people have to work

overnight and overnight care is a huge

need for people do you guys have

maybe centers and home daycares that

only take children 2 to 5 and there's a

need for infant care so you want to

determine the need in your community and

you want if if there's an overabundance

of care and there's not as much of a

need you have to start thinking about a

niche you have to start thinking about a

way to make your program unique or

you're gonna have to adjust your

expectations as far as income goes you

may not fill up and you may not have as

many families as you want because

there's not a need in your community so

think about those things um my next tip

would be to check your licensing

requirements so I live in the state of

Texas so I go through DF PS and I had to

check my licensing requirements and my

state I printed out the book but this is

my licensing book and it has all of

these standards that I have to follow as

an in-home child care provider so you

may think it's as easy as just making

some flyers advertising how kids come to

your house that's not how it is and if

you get caught and I don't know about

all states but I know my state you

cannot watch more than two two or three

non unrelated children in your home so

yeah I mean you don't want to do that

especially if you get caught you can get

in a lot of trouble if there's an

incident you can get in a lot of trouble

so definitely check your reg

relations make sure that you're

following them make sure that your you

know abiding by their rules I know for

me you have to have a high school

diploma to start you have to have your

CPR you have to have first aid I have my

food handlers license that's not a

requirement but it's good to have um

you're gonna have to have an emergency

plan in my city you had to have a fire

inspection so I had to have the fire

marshal come here and check my home

you're gonna have to have a certain

number of training hours in most states

so you want to make sure that you're

prepared for that and that you're

abiding by those rules so what I would

say to do is go on your state's website

look at all their regulations typically

they're gonna have their book their

policies book or their licensing

requirements book on their websites you

can look through that and it's a lot of

information but I implore you to go in

and read it and make sure that it's

something that you are okay with doing

all right number four I want you guys to

decide on what type of program you want

will you have an itch now this goes

along with number three I believe it was

you want to see what the need is in your

community but then you also want to

determine what kind of program do you

want to have are you really good with

babies but maybe not into the preschool

age all right that would mean that maybe

you just do infant care or are you not

so into the babies you don't want to

deal with the diapers and things but you

want to do maybe a preschool program do

you want to do half a half-day do you

want to have mixed ages do you want to

how do you want to run it do you just

want to do after-school care there's

many many different ways you could run

your program I personally do a mixed age

group so that means I take children six

weeks to preschool age and I'm I'm cool

with that I like that we have some

preschools in our area so I didn't

really feel I it would be an advantage

for me

to do just a preschool program now

there's a lot of providers in my area

that only do ages two and up so the fact

that I take infants really really helps

my program I get a lot of calls for

infants now one of the advantages of

doing just a single age group like if I

know a lady that just did zero to 12

months and then after 12 months those

kids moved on to somewhere else it had

to be a different provider or they had

to go to a preschool or you know a

center or whatever that could be that

was an advantage for her she was full

all the time because the need for infant

care was there but it was I felt like it

would be easier

only because she knows how to plan her

day so she set up her room just for

infants just like you would find in a

center their room is set up just for

infants in the infant room the preschool

room is set up for just preschoolers so

that could definitely be an advantage if

you wanted to have a niche if you were

gonna run like a preschool program you

would set your room up for just

preschool so for me I do mix ages so I

have to think about that when I'm

setting up my room and I'm setting up

activities and I'm making my schedule

that I may have a six week old baby as

well as like a four and a half or you

know several four and a half year olds

so you really have to think about that

kind of what you want to do what you're

comfortable with and what number five is

to come up with a business plan now this

is something I actually went online and

researched all of this before I started

because I wanted to give you guys all

the information that I could so I want

you guys to sit down and determine how

you want to run your business so you're

gonna pick a name for your business

you're going to come up with a budget

how much do you expect to make how much

do you expect to put out you're gonna

come up with your hours you're gonna

come up with a list of supplies you

would need you're gonna come up with

ways to advertise your daily schedule

your how are you gonna transport kids

are you not gonna transport kids

holidays off are you going to get paid

or unpaid for those holidays so I want

you to just like sit and come up with a

plan of what would be like the perfect

daycare for you if you could have

everything you want in a program what

would it be get a notebook and just

write it down and if you're having a

hard time coming up with it go online

and look at other providers websites and

look at their handbooks there's tons of

samples online and just go through each

category and say yes this is what I

would want this is what I would not want

I don't agree with this I agree with

this and write out your business plan

this is gonna give you a base for your

business and then as your when you move

forward and you're making your forms and

your policies and procedures this plan

is really gonna help you alright verse

six I want you to create a budget I know

this can be really difficult because

usually if you're starting this you're

probably not making money or you maybe

don't have a lot of disposable income

but understand that starting a business

even a home daycare takes money it takes

money guys so not only are you going to

have to buy toys and you know extra

diapers and wipes and kids cutlery and

plates and I mean just all furniture nap

mats all those sort of things I also had

some stuff that I had to purchase just

for licensing so I needed to do my

licensing fee my application fee I had

to pay for background checks for

everyone in my home you may have to pay

for some training if you don't have your

CPA arm first day you're gonna have to

get that you will have to childproof

your home I had to buy a fire

extinguisher for my home and and I had

to mount it so that cost me some money

I had to put up another smoke alarm in

my home I had to get like I said all the

baby-proofing stuff so you know those

are expenses that you may not think

about but that you're going to have to

spend so

down right out of budget say this is how

much I want to spend you know look at

all your licensing requirements see how

much you're gonna have to spend for your

licensing fee all your application fees

all that sort of stuff that way you know

going in this is how much I'm gonna have

to have to start this business now as

far as toys and furniture and things

like that go I would I would just say go

on some yard sale sites you know

Facebook has yard sale sites Craig

Craigslist has toys for sale look around

go to resale shops don't they don't go

to don't just go to Target and buy all

new toys I mean I would not do that I

would you know I would say go to a

resale shop or go to like a discount

store like Ross or TJ Maxx or Marshalls

or something like that rather than just

going and paying full price for stuff so

definitely look at those sort of things

before you dive headfirst you want to

make sure that you are financially able

to start this business and that you get

it off on the right foot all right

number seven is to do your paperwork and

to get organized so one of the mistakes

that I made whenever I whenever I

started was I did all my paperwork

without thinking about licensing so I

did all my paperwork all my you know

transportation slips and my supplies

list my emergency plan all that stuff

and then I had to redo some of it

because I didn't check licensing so

that's part of getting organized make

sure that you go through your licensing

book you write down the things that you

have to have before you start making

your policies and procedures your field

trip permission slips your water play

permission slips your supplies list your

emergency plan your contract you want to

make sure that you're abiding within the

licensing policies and you're staying

organized because when licensing comes

for the inspection if you get licensed I

don't know if it's required by your

state but if you get licensed they're

gonna come in there

asked for this stuff and you want to

make sure you stay organized now the

other part of that is to come up with

your paperwork this can be difficult but

let me tell you guys there are some

great resources online for daycare forms

so I'm gonna link those resources down

below so you guys can go online and see

these forms and you know make your own

you can either completely take the ones

off of the website that I'm gonna link

it's called daycare lady there are just

tons of forms on that website um but

I'll link it and you guys can take forms

directly off that website or you can

take it and modify or you can just

completely make your own I will leave a

list down below of what my enrollment

packet is what I include in my

enrollment packet that way you guys kind

of have an idea maybe what you would

need and what I do is I put all of my

enrollment paperwork in a folder and I

give it to the parents whenever I do an

interview so they have all my paperwork

they understand you know what my my

program is about and if they want to

enroll then we'll fill out the paperwork

number eight you guys I want you guys to

figure out your space now some people

are blessed enough to have a completely

separate daycare area I don't have that

we live in you know we have an okay size

house and I'm very grateful for my home

but we don't have a lot of space so we

had a second living room in our home and

I took that and made it a playroom so

not only is it my daycare room but it's

also a playroom for my children which

can kind of get a little you know dicey

a little fuzzy but it works for us

for now so I have a playroom but I don't

have a whole separate space I don't have

a dedicated bathroom just for my daycare

kids I don't have a dedicated eating

space just for my daycare kids that

space is shared with my whole family so

the bathroom that the kids use is my

master bathroom so I had to think about

that how

I'm gonna make this childproof how are

child friendly how am I going to you

know get them to the master bathroom how

like I had to configure my space you

need to figure out where are they gonna

nap where are they gonna eat where they

point are you gonna have circle time

where you're gonna do that you just need

to look around your space and figure out

what is going to work best for your

program and what's gonna work best for

your home so I would definitely say go

through that and then figure out what

you need a child to prove and kind of

the flow of your facility or facility

it's your home but you know we're a

parents gonna enter where are they going

to exit where are you gonna have them

sign in where the kids gonna put their

stuff because they're gonna have a lot

of stuff where are you gonna change


where are your potty training kids gonna

go are you gonna have potty seat

somewhere those are things that you

really need to think about so right now

I have a pretty small space but it works

for me we play in the same room that we

nap so once we're done playing we clean

up everything we put out our nap maps

before lunch then we eat lunch and the

kids laid down and that works really

well so far it works really well so you

know think about those things think

about what your space is gonna look like

envision it sketch it out if you want to

and or set it up if you have this stuff

set it up and figure out is this going

to work

all right guys number nine is to spread

the word you want to get it out there

you want to let people know that you are

starting a daycare that you are gonna

have spots available now you can do this

through a ton of different ways my

number one way would be to start a

website I have started a website I paid

for my domain name so it looks very

professional my website looks very

professional so parents are able to come

I can refer them to my website

has a lot of information about my

program and they can decide usually from

there if they want to be part of my

program or not I put enough information

not all of it but I put enough

information to where parents can look

and see whether my program would fit

them or maybe not fit them and then you

know you can do business cards I order

business cards from vistaprint

you can do Flyers you know most towns

have community boards or you know I know

restaurants and stuff we'll let you

leave Flyers and business cards and

things like that so call around figure

out where you can leave your stuff and

advertise that way another way is

word-of-mouth so if you're part of a

playgroup or maybe you're part of the

PTA or maybe you're part of a or maybe

you go to church just spread the word

and let people know even if it doesn't

affect them if it's they're not gonna

bring their kids they can have that in

their head next time a friend says oh

yeah I need to find daycare oh I'm going

back to work I find daycare your name is

gonna be there your name is gonna be

there in their heads to talk about it

talk to your friends about it talk to

whoever about it sometime you know maybe

get a t-shirt with your logo on it so

people ask you when you're out what

you're wearing oh where is that is that

where your kid goes it's an opportunity

to kind of build conversation and get

your name out there another way I would

advertise would be Facebook a lot of

people are on Facebook guys so I created

a Facebook page just for my Center it is

in addition to my personal Facebook page

but it's for my Center or my my home

daycare and I post little things on

there sometimes I'll post like parenting

articles I'll post funny little quotes

I'll post if I'm having a sale like a

deal I hate that word sale but you know

if I'm offering a discount for new

enrollment or if I'm you know whatever

it may be I have that Facebook page for

advertising and then my personal friends

share that with their friends

that's how you get business a lot of

times so think about getting a Facebook

page think about getting a website maybe

some business cards a t-shirt maybe or

whatever and then just open your mouth

talk to people tell people what you do

do not be ashamed of what you do this is

a phenomenal job and you're gonna run

your own business I mean that's pretty

awesome be proud of it be excited about

it when you talk to people don't

complain about the children in front of

people because then nobody's gonna want

to send their kid to you um you know be

be a professional and sell your business

just like anybody else would

all right guys so my number 10 tip is to

have a grand opening now this does not

mean to have an open house I would not

recommend just opening your door and

letting all these strangers come into

your house I would say maybe run a

discount as you're trying to get people

maybe like you know 50% off the first

week of tuition or you know whatever it

may be that you want to run I would do

something like that and then I would you

know announce it on Facebook announced

on your Facebook page and now it's it

you know anywhere I mean Craigslist that

you're having a grand opening and make

it seem like a really big thing and

that's what I would do and then just

start setting up your interviews and get

your day careful I'm sure you guys are

gonna do awesome so those are my 10 tips

to start a home daycare let me know down

below if this was helpful to you guys

let me know if you are a home daycare

provider this is such a lonely job

sometimes I would love to connect with

other home daycare providers so thank

you guys so much for watching I really

really appreciate it if you liked this

video please hit the like button and if

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