D9T Cab Tour

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morning YouTube just want to kind of

give a in-cab kind of tour show you all

the controls and gadgets in the stone

startup here - - sky our instruments

stuff on it off

you know parking brakes on this - ours

is on it let's you know what Gideon then

is in part start up here first this

legend dollar windshield wiper controls

your front windshield you - doors and

then your rear window this dozer is a

2015 model we got it in August the 4th

of 2015 so it's a year old it come

equipped with sun shades

it's got them on both doors on the front

windshield and in the back start over

here would you steering control to be

your left hand basically if you want to

go left with the dozer you push it away

from you'll go right pull it towards you

has a cruise control button it has your

gear select you won't go faster slower

all you do is just push it with your

thumb then it has your forward neutral

reverse edge parking brake

right here and I'll show you

stop I'll show you turn left

turn right and over here on your right

she's your buddy control its equipped

with a full eight blade which is

basically your up

you're down you tilt right you tilt



over here - your horn then you have

which is your throttle slick would be

basically rabbit which is turns a


press down for low this one here's your

lights you press it and it turns every

light on that's on the outside this is

your decent selves fluid this burning

off or if you don't want it to burn off

you this you hydraulic lock and press it

and lock it it keeps you from operating

any hydraulics of course there's a key

oh yeah this is your brake and that's

your decelerator and this dozer is quit

with a touchscreen computer in it so if

I can't get a better pete chose my

engine coolant to you a Delft level

transmission old temp and a fuel level

and it's pretty neat about this one is

it's all touchscreen this here basically

shows all you gears you can select it

into three speed or let me see

selected the Sikhs each select a face

you want going forward and reverse

um that's a bidirectional

Oh function on it basically if you got

it an automatic downshift which I do if

you're going backwards if it's pulling

too much of a loader to automatically

downshift go back out she choose your

lights you can press it then you can

automatically you press this and turn

everyone on the moment at one time or

you can individually press each one to

turn on they tell you to this present

turn them off oh come back

this here is your automatic downshift

what that means is if you're pushing and

you get too much of a load yet I

automatically downshift a transmission

into a lower gear to help you push

better um this is your reverse fan and

it don't only reverse itself if you're

sitting still or if you're going in

Reverse if you're pushing forward it

will not reverse and they already

magically have this one set I think it's

every 30 minutes

it automatically reverses fan which

helps keep Derrick I mean the radiator

fluid out keeps all the finds out and in

clean you outside screens and let's see

this year is too

choose computer control which basically

set your screen brightness language

change your measurement units into

either metric or regular standard and

software info the next is the dozer

itself and it brings up the dozer

settings or machine setting click it and

then it brings up your powertrain and

then you implement or you bleed and

press your powertrain then of course

that's an automatic downshift you can

set it when you're pushing if you want

it to be when you're pushing if the load

gets real high real quick if you

basically if you get like a blade full

if you want to go ahead and

automatically if you set it to that or

medium or low or you can turn it off but

I usually keep it on medium and helps

out a good bit see if you back then you

go to you implement but just shows you

blade response you blade flute and you

quick drop the blade response is it's a

standard setting a fine and a fast I

like a fast because I like to be able to

control it quicker it's easier like

grading and leveling out still

blade flute is basically just when you

blade flute if you push the blade

control all the way down it's going to

bring that up and unless you know you're

in blue flute mood and when you're back

dragging the blade will just float along

with the contour and quick drop you can

basically all it is you can just drop

your blade real quick or not on me I

don't like it because on our other d90

you can turn it off on but it was on and

one day one of the other operators drop

the blade real quick and broke from

cylinder so I kind of like to keep it

turned off and of course then you have

go back out to the main being you got

your perimeters you can look at the

machine itself it'll tell you everything

is doing fuel level voltage

go to the engine editor you obtain the

engine to doing what rpms that then you

can go to your powertrain watch stuff

like it we go all the way back out again

this one this is your lifetime it

basically teach you

your fuel consumption maximum fuel yeah

the few idle out of time to travel the

high parts traveling border reverse the

average fuel consumption listen is eight

gallons an hour

then here's some more settings you can

do a diagnostic on it basically if we

have alarm go off that'll tell you here

to give a code and tell you what's going

on with it on stuff I can't

you got a service mode ECM summary and

this one here that's your person you can

set up a profile with all your settings

like you like them and basically you can

just sit it see there's my name and then

there's the two operators um

you can set them every all those

operators will have different settings

I normally pushing second gear going


second gear going reverse cooperator

she will operate and pushing and pushing

them first basically and then you know

reverse second hairs horn 12 of plug-in

auxilary cord adapter back here behind

the seat of a filter see is month here's

a plug-in also another 12 including

that's a plug-in right there for cat to

bring their computer and plug it up to

this dozer and do whatever they want to

do to it basically this once equipped

with a a fixed fire suppression system

and what I mean by that is it's got two

tanks on the back that has you dry

chemical and this does you if you have a

fire in here and you don't know it it a

symbol alarm to go off all we have to do

is pull the pen press it and there's to

look that little canister of nitrogenous

in the dry chemical through the front

and it sprays it out basically hopefully

sometimes they get it all out sometimes

it won't


also on the back if you're outside the

dozer and it catches fire it's got it

another one of these controls here

outside it and do it both of these side

one as they slide open

they only slide open about eight or ten

inches that's basically pretty much it

um oh you have the seat this air ride

seat heated in air conditioned on all

air up-and-down and lumbar support which

is pretty nice makes it pretty easy for

a long day long 12-hour day in this

thing but that's just tour the cab but

just one show you know thanks for