Controls on a Cat D 8t

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it's going to be a video about the

controls on a dozer where all the

controls are this is on a DAT the d8

enlargers all pretty much have the same

controls on caterpillars smaller dozers

the seven sixes their controls are

slightly different but basically the

same some of the differences is in the

the computer monitor and where your

switches are you know or different on a

d6 and d7 and the smaller D fours and

fives or what have you to start off with

of course your key switch on the d8

that's the key switch when you know it

starts the motor and everything there's

also a battery switch outside about here

on the step in that little box right

there there's a master switch that is a

master shut off actually I think on the

d8 they don't use the key I think they

just have a switch out there that

switches the batteries it disconnects

the negative side on the batteries so

that's your key switch course start the

motor you've got your your throttle

deceleration pedal what this does is

and you're running at full throttle it

decelerates as you press the pedal it

cuts the throttle down this is your

master brake that will apply the brake

both tracks you got your instrument

panel here gauge panel is going to show

in the top left water temperature then

below that is a hydraulic pressure of

course your rpms in the middle fuel on

the top right and transmission

temperature on top left and then this

screen right here monitors the direction

geared speed of the dozer and it also

has this little gauge here which is for

the exhaust system and the exhaust

system of these actually goes through a

regeneration cycle where it burns all

the extra carbon out of the exhaust and

it's in regeneration right now that's

what this little light is lets you know

it's in the regeneration mode and then

this is a lot here lets you know that

I'll be on it in Auto down so that's

what the transmission setting so your

your main control for your direction

speed and direction is right here

when you're all your controls in here

are electronic over hydraulic and so

when they disconnect like when you hit

your parking brake it disconnects all of

your speed and direction controls you

can't steer units you can't go forward

reverse the upper downshift nothing as

soon as you release the parking brake of

course where the parking brake on that

light comes on you release the parking

brake the lights off now you can

actually steer the machine while it's

sitting still you can go forward or

reverse up and down shift so the parking

brake actually locks out your controls

because their electronic it locks him

you can use your controls same thing

this is your blade control the same

thing with the hydraulic controls this

is the hydraulic lockout right here when

you lock this you've got no hydraulic

function you can't move your blade you

can't move your rippers anything and so

you always want to do that lock out your

hydraulics when you shut down another

thing is when you get out of your seat

see y'all stand up and as soon as you

get out of your seat it shows you right

there there's no one in the seat it

locks out the hydraulic controls when

you sit down the light goes off night

and remove your hydraulic controls

and so it's actually got to safety lock

outs on it will not the tractor will not

go into gear and won't move and you

can't move the hydraulics if there's not

somebody sitting in the seat this is

your Ripper control up and down on your

River and then this is a four-barrel

Ripper so it's got to in and out tips

your Ripper teeth in and out these are

your auto controls for the GPS auto dig

system the trigger sets the system this

is a manual incremental up and down too

if you want to undercut slightly over

cut slightly from the auto this is on

the auto de gaulle also you can rip to

an exact depth and this is a manual

increment up and down you just sent it

and as you're tracking along it will

hold it at that exact depth this is your

auto down shift switch you can turn your

auto downshift on or off using this

switch this is your throttle throttle up

and throttle down your computer monitor

which you can set your power train you

can set your your engine this is the

home screen here if you want it on

usually like to run it on the

performance you hit ok and it goes to

performance does you coolant temperature

and engine speed and transmission

temperature what gear you're in for

and reverse that you're in manual mode

this switch here is the exhaust

regeneration switch while you're

watching this meter if it gets above

about three-quarter you want to hit the

regeneration switch and we'll actually

plug up the exhaust if you're not keep

an eye on that if that thing maxes out

you've plugged your exhaust and the

engine will quit and you've got to

replace the exhaust on it you have to

replace the muffler like fifteen hundred

dollars or something of course your

light switch is here for all the lights

both inside and outside camp you've got

a connector here for 12 volt the dozer

actually runs on 24 volt but you can

plug in there charge your cell phone or

whatever this little plug here is a jack

for your it's hard to get off of there

too it's a jack for your phone where you

can patch you can plug a patch cord into

their into the stereo system in the

dozer of course your horn but we right

here up here on the left is wiper

controls window lock which I prefer the

the front window the door windows and

the back window up here is your air

conditioning controls and your stereo

and you can also plug that's cord into

that on your stereo and you've got one

back up mirror these levers here you can

lock the doors in the open position and

then you pull these levers to release

the doors

that's about it on the controls one of

the things when you're operating these a

lot of people think that they actually

have a set of clutch and brakes and I'm

these do not these are differential

steered and what happens is in the

drivetrain there is an actual

differential great big monster size

differential that drives the tracks and

it instead of having your differential

generally has your side gears that go

out to supply power out to the axles

then you've got your pinion gears or

planetary gears they're mounted in the

housing driven by your ring gear well

this instead of those pinion gears being

free-floating they're actually driven by

hydraulic motors and that is how the

unit steers the hydraulic motors rotate

on the housing and as as you move your

control left to right it turns those

hydraulic motors those motors hydraulic

motors turn opinion gears which turn

your side gears and cause one track to

either run faster or slower or in the

case when you're sitting not moving the

11 track will go forward and the other

track will go backwards

and that's the same type of steering

that they use in battle tanks the

military tanks they started using this

system back in the 40s or something in

tanks and in the 60s or early 70s and

heavy equipment that's not it for the

functions on on a caterpillar large size