Caterpillar D11R Dozer - Behind The Levers

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okay this is the ADEA Levin as you can

see this is the blade which is about

nine foot stick too tall by 21 feet wide

which weighs about 16 tonnes let's just

come back from fillings weights add new

undercarriage on that doesn't look like

it but it cost about a hundred thousand

pounds to get it refurbed which will

last about a year and then it'll need a

similar amount or a little bit more

spending on it again it's a v8 about 790

horsepower think it is and it holds the

fuel tank holds 1400 liters of fuel

which will last about 12 hours if you

push it down here it'll push about 7080

tons this Romney is to one this side I'm

on the other side basically they extend

out and if you're pushing up a hill you

can push it out and you push the muck

off the end of the blade please or you

can make it tilt either way and dig in

it on a corner or a bank or whatever you

doing this is the final driver yeah

where all the gears go into and and the

drive this big long pier which power the

tracks and then if you come around the

back you've got the Ripper you've got a

short rip us young because I'm I've

actually broken this one twice he's been

broken twice as you can see

so there's a new one coming from the

States at the moment which would be

about another fourth longer just one of

the two air filters on the machine

obviously the radiator and the oil

cooler here the engine engine and the

twin turbo it can push about 6070 ton

and I'm going on this pace here I'm

going backwards and forwards

every minute minute and a half so times

up by 12 hours and you can see how much

you can shift in a day so it's a very

productive machine if it's work right

this is the computer you know where you

can set the different things for the

blade the automatic tilt automatic

return also for the Ripper you can make

the Ripper do different jobs you can

make it come out

lift up on its own and different things

like and this is the reverse camera here

most important thing is a CD player and

obviously here the gauges on the

dashboard water oil hydraulic oil engine

oil and fuel yeah this is a lovely

machine to drive you know it just feels

very impressive you know I'm very

awesome it's not as comfortable as a car

it's just it's just what you get used to

when you've been driving something for

40 odd years 45 years it just just base

it's part of you you know you just say

wow so you just get used to it I'd

rather draw the caterpillar than and

it's announced there are a fantastic bit

of kit they're very reliable and you

know very good like I say very reliable

machine very good very powerful