Crown 5500 Controls Tutorial | Learn Forklift Basics with Instructions How to Operate a Lift Truck

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hello and welcome to an overview of the

controls for your crown 5500 forklift

for a live demonstration of these

features please see my other video

linked in the description below for a

basic crash course the first thing you

will see when you enter the forklift

will be this control panel which is

located here

in order to start the forklift you will

have to have both feet firmly planted on

the floor your left foot will be on top

of the Deadman pedal which also acts as

an emergency brake turn the key to the

right and hold it for one to two seconds

before releasing and the machine will

start once you have started the machine

the battery bar will illuminate you can

see it has five bars make sure you pay

close attention to this because if your

forklift dies there will be no way to

move it without another forklift

assisting you next we will go over the

multi functions on your control joystick

it is from here that you will operate

this machine there are two sets of

controls one will be located right in

front of you with a hand grip the others

will be a little further down the

joystick the joystick is located here

using your thumb you will operate this

toggle switch it moves left right and

you can push it upwards and downwards by

placing your thumb directly on the front

of this toggle switch you can now press

either left or right and subsequently

your forks will shift either to the left

or to the right this can be especially

helpful inside trucks when placing a

load to try to get it as close to the

side of the truck as possible this

toggle switch can also be moved either

up or down when you press up from

underneath of the switch your forks will

tilt back and your load will become

placed firmly against your backrest when

you press down on the top of this switch

this will lower your Forks to the ground

never lower your Forks while you have a

load in the air and always put a load

against your backrest when picking up

and traveling the

last thing we see on this part of the

joystick is the horn it is conveniently

accessed by your thumb and should be

used quite frequently to alert

pedestrians to your we're about ended

all crossings in your warehouse now we

will go over the second set of controls

located at the base of your joystick

after you have come to a complete stop

lift straight up on the joystick and

subsequently your forks will raise off

the ground to the height desired once

you have retrieved your load press

straight down on this lever and your

Forks will return to the ground remember

to always travel around the warehouse

with your Forks slightly elevated off of

the floor the final set of controls will

move this machine either Forks forward

or Forks trailing to move Forks forward

press the lever away from you or to the

left to move Forks trailing pull the

lever towards you or to the right when

traveling always travel with Forks

trailing only use Forks forward when

entering a load while traveling you will

be steering with a knob located here it

is important to always face the

direction of travel this forklift

operates from a set of back wheels so it

operates different than a car like

you're used to when going Forks forward

left will be left and right will be

right when moving Forks trailing

everything will be opposite it is just

something that you will have to get used

to and have confidence that you can

master as shown in this slide when you

steer the forklift will swing from the

back it is easier to drive if you start

to gain muscle memory and try not to

overthink this machine if you do

overthink and begin to make a mistake

simply lift up your left foot off of the

Deadman pedal and you will come to a

complete stop then you can correct and

continue to drive safely for a live

demonstration of everything I have gone

over here please see the link in the

description for my basic crash course


the RC 5500 forklift for my basic crash

course video of the RC 5500 forklift I

would like to thank you for watching and

please drive safely