How to Start a Credit Repair Business

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Hello everyone and welcome to today show on how to start

a credit repair business, I’m really excited that everybody could make it


I am going to go through whether pretty fast pace today

because I’ve a tremendous amount of information to go and I have to go


and I have a webinar another webinar in about an hour so I only have an hour

to go through all this,

so if you do have any questions to the event here is

our actual contact information (877) 600-2487

is our phone number and our email address info@creditsuite.com

before we jump in let me take a little bit about myself.

My name is Ty Crandall I’m actually the CEO of credit suite we help companies get

business credit financing,

and we also help companies offer business credit and financing as

a service, so I am not in the credit repair industry which might make you say why

are you doing this kinda webinar,

well I actually my last life um I built and sold a credit repair companies, so I’m

probably one of the only people you actually hear from,

who’s actually been through this process of starting from scratch building a

very successful credit repair company selling it for a lot of money