VeriFone Vx510 - Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine

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hi I'm Lorraine with philosophy merchant

services this tutorial will explain how

to perform all the basic functions on

your VeriFone VX terminal including how

to both swipe and key in transactions

void a transaction and reprint receipt

let's get started before we begin make

sure you've connected your terminal to a

data source such as a phone line or

router and that it's powered on check

out our getting started video linked

below if you need help once you're sure

the terminal is ready you're going to

use one of your own credit cards to run

a test transaction some terminals may

have a pre screen press f3 to get to the

main screen swipe the credit card when

prompted on the display select f1 for

credit f2 for pin based debit f3 for EBT

and electronic benefits transfer card or

f4 for gift cards if you have a gift