How to operate a sears craftsman LT3000

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hey everybody this is Brad Johnson small

engines we have a whitey 3000 series

crash ceman tractor and I just want to

go over on how to operate it because

it's actually going to go out today on

loan and I need the customer to know how

to operate it so I figured I'd throw it

out there for anybody if they have any

questions about operating one of these I

know this is a little bit older of a

model and they're all a little bit

different but the first thing you do is

but I've already checked that so we're

good the ignition switches here you have

this is what they call a backward switch

when you can cut in Reverse alright

we'll get to that but basically we have

a clutch on this side so we have a punch

pedal here this is also your brake okay

so you have to have the break in your

down I'm gonna lock it in with the