How to open and run a consignment shop. Part 1.

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hi everyone my name is Sanada Hamlin I

am the owner of the store right behind

me it's called covet it is a women's

consignment shop here in South Boston

Massachusetts I am creating this video

today because I've had my store for a

little bit under five years and I've

been asked multiple times I'm kind of

how I got into this how I open the store

how I you know how do I run this store

kind of the ins and outs of how I got to

this point and I did a little bit of

research and I realized there's actually

very little information out there and

have actually opened a consignment shop

how to run a consignment shop kind of

the ins and outs of that there's a lot

of information on opening a business and

obviously this is a business but there

isn't that much information on kind of

the nuances of consignment itself so I

thought I would start a little vlog on

how to do that going forward if you have

any questions on kind of things you want

to learn about or anything like that

please come in and let me know I'm happy

to kind of share all the information I

have mostly nothing is off limits this

first video is just going to mostly be

kind of about me my background the gist

of the store things like that and then

the first or the second video I should

say is gonna go from talked about how I

got from the idea of wanting to open up

a consignment store to opening day and

then after that we'll kind of talk about

running the store and it will kind of go

from there so so yeah so a little bit

more background about me my stores

called covet we have had it for about

five years now I'm actually hitting my

five-year anniversary next week I

started out with a really small space

450 square feet which is slow and it did

welcome the start it was profitable from

the start and we were bursting at the

seams so a little under two years ago

the space literally next door opened up

that business closed and took it and

triple the size of the space so we've

had this kind of bigger space for about

two years now that itself was its own

learning experience which I'm happy to

talk about in another vlog and but

overall it's been amazing it's been

great and actually

open a second store the store itself is

women's consignment there are different

types of resale there's consignment

there's bio right there's thrift I'm

happy to go into more details of the

pros and cons of each of those also in a

different video blog but for the sake of

conversation we'll just stick to

consignment what that means is that

women bring in their clothes we'll go

through we'll take what we think will

sell once it sells they're gonna make a

percentage of the selling price we are

we only do women's clothes

obviously there are you could do

anything there's furniture consignment

there's children's consignment you can

kind of go any which way you want I

specifically chose women's because

that's the feel that I know best and

that's the most fun I think

and so it's women's consignment there

are different types of consignment shops

too I'm sure you've seen consignment

stores that you know kind of advertising

itself says luxury stores and then you

know the stores are a little bit more

volume based they just you know it's a

big store kind of full of stuff and you

can find a little bit of everything I

think that we're a little bit more in

the middle

I'd like to call us a contemporary

consignment store we are in South Boston

for any of you that are familiar with

this area it's full of young

professionals young professionals too

young city professionals generally

speaking have a good amount of

expendable income but and they like to

have kind of a few luxury pieces but in

general they kind of stick to

middle-of-the-road in terms of brand

prices so brands that do really well in

here would be things like Free People

j.crew made well Zara Theory Diane von

Furstenberg rag-and-bone Vince those

kind of middle tier brands the

contemporary brands as I like to say or

what do really well here with our key

demographic but you know we take a

little bit of everything so I always say

we take everything from H&M up to Hermes

because we take H&M and we also take

Hermes and Beth because to me that's how

the modern girl shops right the girl

with the Chanel bag and the Hermes

bracelet her dress could be from Zara

you know her shoes are you know are from

Nike or from wherever so we all kind of

mix and match and generally speaking the

modern girl mixes and matches and so our

store is a reflection of our customers

because they're the ones bringing in the


so we have a little bit of everything

we're very much a mix-and-match kind of

store and that's what makes it so fun

and so you know if you can see you know

and I'll show and I will show you kind

of I'll give you a little bit better of

a tour but for now just you know as you

can see what I really try to do here you

can tell with a mannequin and with the

tables and with the jewelry cases and

with the the racks is that I try to not

make this store feel like a consignment

shop oftentimes even with the luxury

stores you'll see things like plastic

hangers and carpet you know carpeting

and things like that which you know in

slat walls those are those kind of walls

that hooks kind of hook into like little

holes in them and to me those don't feel

like a boutique those feel like a

consignment shop they feel like not as

much that maybe went into it and so what

I tried to do here was make a store feel

a lot more like an actual boutique just

because we're selling use clothes has

you know no bearing on the environment

itself our clothes are just as beautiful

and just as fun as any store selling new

stuff in fact I want this place to feel

more welcoming not less from my from my

shoppers because I want them to come in

and and enjoy every part of the

experience and again we'll talk about

that in more detail in a later blog

because I think that branding and in

experiences is incredibly important so

yeah I tried really hard and kind of the

aesthetics of the store to make women

feel comfortable and not make it feel

like a booty like a consignment shop

itself I want them to feel like it's new

we've had many customers actually come

in and say I didn't ever come in here

for the longest time because I thought

that you were an expensive boutique and

even though it syncs to not have someone

come in right away it is such a

compliment so yeah so so that's kind of

the store itself the next video blog

what I'm gonna do is talk about kind of

how you know my idea for opening this

store that you know the actual idea of

hey I'm gonna open a consignment shop -

walking you through kind of how I got to

opening day basically this will be a

gist of it of course and again I can go

into more detail if you'd like just let

me know but I hope that this was kind of

a good intro to let you know a little

bit more about me whether

do and I really really appreciate you

watching this video and let me know if

there's any tips do you have or again if

there's anything else you need let me

know contact me through social media or

whatever you'd like so thanks for

watching I really appreciate it