How to open and run a consignment shop. Part 1.

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hi everyone my name is Sanada Hamlin I

am the owner of the store right behind

me it's called covet it is a women's

consignment shop here in South Boston

Massachusetts I am creating this video

today because I've had my store for a

little bit under five years and I've

been asked multiple times I'm kind of

how I got into this how I open the store

how I you know how do I run this store

kind of the ins and outs of how I got to

this point and I did a little bit of

research and I realized there's actually

very little information out there and

have actually opened a consignment shop

how to run a consignment shop kind of

the ins and outs of that there's a lot

of information on opening a business and

obviously this is a business but there

isn't that much information on kind of

the nuances of consignment itself so I