How to Operate a Concrete Pump (BASIC)

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hi this is Mike with green concrete


over the operation of a concrete pump

today we're going to demonstrate it on a

reed model a 40 HP before you ever

attempt to run a concrete pump it's very

important that you read and understand

the operation and safety manual that

comes with each and every machine if for

some reason you don't have the manual

you can get it free of charge it read

pumps comm it's all available on the

website so first of all the pump we've

got a control panel this is where you're

going to be operating the Machine

basically resetting by blowing the horn

we've got an emergency stop button

pump on/off forward and reverse

functions it's all done right here at

the control panel

you've got a hydraulic pump depending on

the model you have you may be able to

adjust the flow of the machine the

pumping speed independently of the

engine rpm to control how fast the

concrete be coming out of the machine

back into the machine we find our hopper

this is obviously where your ready-mix

truck will be pouring the material into

the machine so that you can pump

okay so after you've read and understand

your safety manual always a good idea to

practice and familiarize yourself before

you're actually in a jobsite situation

your outriggers need to be set down the

two outriggers in the back of the

machine as well as the jack in the front

of the machine to stabilize it now for

the operation of the machine first turn

the key switch to the on position

then we would hit the start button to

actually start our engine now these

machines are going to be disabled until

you give the command to reset the

emergency stop which is done by honking

the horn you're going to get

confirmation that your machine is reset

when your East stoplight stops blinking

and simultaneously your machine is going

to build swing to pressure this is an

indication that your machine is now

ready to pump and just waiting for the

pump on come in here we go start the


stop Mike stop

there's a matter of controlling the

engine speed as well as the volume the

hydraulic volume to make the machine

pump as fast as you want at the fun