How I started my Computer Shop Business @ 22

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oh hey hello what's up I began my aboard

Shikoku Pulaski's varias at and Ito will

empower my way to answering you about

business by our Bionic start Allah grant

us solutions

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chicken name not a cheap aluminum

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there were any paladin been against up

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high school way back in Italian for most

of us about time is soon siete icon say

potato I say so Barney you Chico

solutions solutions now if I begin each

ago you can immediately say me God

sorry I know I own a grammatically

incorrect the pattern a Chico is

solution still along as computer

services specific to the computer otama

Sabula BTI in a gamble

so LM extracting business and Chico

solutions Computer Services and it's

similar I know March 9 2014

when that is what everyone knows para in

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solutions i chico e-prints way back 2011

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impaired a fumble a new printer 3995 in

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Epson LT 10 PI R times epsilon T 10 bar

LT 10 I can't i canít remember top of

smart Appel and he never known such a

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printing services syllabus and school

two prices per page may not be chosen to

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different and USP code or our unique

selling proposition order hi it didn't

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retina online beginner alabasta go up

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more retailers so not registered on the

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so you have been about being simulated

chicoy by which I mean integration to

show us that was kilogram budget

allocated to create solutions

fast-forward 2014 nah single solutions

maximal aromaticity cinema particles

away Kazan I born Linda Barragan

like the developer on our website our

website medallion para suffer go on a

website that's in a public school

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repair and computer Alfonzo Kaname go in

Punta pasa like a tile lie you almost I

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computer back a colossal console so can

you operate on Amiga take up a tripod

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unfold to buy any net number on JP


it is a palatable guide Buckey suppose

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computer now Katanga non-cumulative

appear and lie you business on Oahu

Marin Basic Studies and of God not

confiding going so get off all the time

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that was the disco broken he kept a

shelter or 17,000 well Amaravati I Cindy

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you like you do you know I do not too

little in the photo energy paid over

17,000 here on laptop familiar with some

printer you know if I am busy no

permission Tala

let me scan der liebe Massimo Canale

13,000 you 4000 of the Tara Mergener

about the electrical for the Mona Lisa

in a Pinto

you know the great farm owner is some

travel h fi some professional technician

a cinema professional technician forever

no some futile

perennial professional technician the

second if you look in on column bogging


from Ireland at the skies above us

donation a symbol of March 9 2014

that startling email program program


hello everyone succeed the owner of

gjokaj solutions and this is an open

invitation for everyone who lives in

Alfonzo by then and all the nearby towns

I would like to invite you guys to

please come to our opening event that

will commence on March 9 that's nice

Sunday morning and there will be a small

program where we invited up different

people from the different parts of our

town I hope to see you there there will

be games prizes from our sponsors and a

lot of discount coupon coupons coupons

yes the first 15 person to bring their

computers or laptops will have a free

diagnostic from our professional and

trustworthy technicians yeah and some

people faint dawn tomorrow Jimmy open it

proven hologram and move on maternal I'm

gonna wanna cook during the time 600

pesos and I'm gonna go on a six and

testing well I'm gonna go and is there

the t paradigm do stop with a little

mercy millennia 1904 Selena venenum for

the Italian community ain't much of a

forum on dementia you only finish on

yourself in none half the price and you

know which are acid wanted to go again

with the triumph of fun business I'm

going to do the trains in a manager but

Sigmund demonic train will reach out

where a device on ammonia so you know

making started Chico 600 personally I'll

go shop and a Poisson program by 8 a.m.

and 10 a.m. and then we have a point

popular food that thing anymore visit us

if you should be family and I said I

wanna party well I don't have a pair up

and buy them 10 tops were found from

there come by

fungi democracy talib ahead now how

about responsibly demonstration for you

cannot eating well on that how exciting


Duncan busy time of a vehicle getting

maybe not gonna make similar you

magically and redeem of I psst a 600

pesos opening later so that is my effort

my own leave me generally today on the

first day Nirvana is alkali in some boom

shot when sample computer Milan did not

appear lots of people highest not while

I was editing the video blog I found it

that nice or on Havana Palin on hey guys

position as I have to carry that this

point the position second part of the

video will be uploaded on this on Sunday

don't know a single thing government

email question enhancement so that's it

for this part of how I started Chico

solutions and for the next part I will

start answering your questions guys so

I'll see you guys around on Sunday bye