How to use a compass:For beginners

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today I just wanted to touch on how to

use a compass this is going to be a

super basic video we're going to go over

the basic steps on using one geared

towards people who have never used a

compass maybe they've never seen a


maybe they got one line around somewhere

in their house and maybe they're going

to have to learn how to use one for work

the sub coming spring so it's just going

to be super simple and super quick here

so this is your typical compass most

brands are going to look very similar I

think this one is a Burton I've

personally never used this compass in

the field

I got issued it at the beginning of the

year last year for work I'm sure it's a

great compass we want to been given them

if they weren't I personally use a

Suunto compass if you're looking for a

good compass that last you a long time

and I would highly recommend them I've

had mine for about three to four years

now and it still works great now you run

about a hundred bucks this burden

probably goes for about fifty okay so

all compasses are going to have this

outer dial here and they're going to

have your four directions on the north

east south and west along with the

degrees on the outside they're going to

have a pin in the inside or a needle as

long as well as a red arrow and this

will move you'll be able to swivel this

back and forth depending on what

direction or bearing you choose to enter

notice that when you turn and swivel

this your needle doesn't move however

your red arrow on the inside does move

with your dial

okay so say you want to go north you

know you need to go north let's find our

north direction and then locate the tab

which is on the top of your compass all

compasses will have something similar

some are glow-in-the-dark some art this

one looks like it is a glow-in-the-dark

one so note find north and then slowly

move it to that tab and I'll line it

once the direction and your tab are

aligned look for your arrow on the

inside so we can see that our arrow is

right here and then what we want to do

in order to lock in our direction is

move our needle into the red arrow on

the inside here so all you do is slowly

turn your compass until we have that red

needle sitting in that red arrow just

like that and that's going to tell you

what direction you need to go so it's

telling me I need to go that way North

is that way

okay one thing I will say is trust your

compass I don't know how many times and

I'm guilty of this too where I will put

a direction whether it be north or south

east or west and I won't feel like that

direction out in the field but trust me

when I say trust your compass if you

take away anything from the video it's

trust your compass okay let's do another

one real quick here say we want to go


okay so we'll lie in the east direction

with your tab and just simply turn it

until we have it aligned like that and

then locate the red arrow so right now

we're facing east our red needle is

already inside our red arrow on the

inside so that's going to be the

direction we go if we want to go

if we want to go south we'll move the

south direction up to the tab once

that's a line we then find our red arrow

on the inside and then slowly move our

compass in order to align our red needle

with the red arrow on the inside okay

that's lonely South is that way okay and

that's about it super quick super basic

gives you a good overview of a compass

of compass use I think I might do

another video explain how to use a

compass on a map and how to use a

compass in the field just to give people

who are interested in learning out how

to use it a better understanding of its

overall function