How to Use a Compass || REI

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a compass is part of the 10 essentials

and most people take one with them into

the mountains but how in the world does

it work luckily it isn't too hard to use

your compass and when paired with a good

map and a bit of know-how it becomes a

powerful tool for navigation in this

video we're going to cover the essential

parts of the compass how to set up your

compass to account for the declination

for your region how to take a bearing

from a map to find an object in the

field and how to take a bearing in the

field to find yourself on a map alright

it's going to be hard to talk about how

to use the compass without first

understanding what all the different

parts are for so let's go through that

real quick this is the base plate it's

clear so you can see the map below it

and there's always at least one straight