How to Use a Plate Compactor

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hey this is rich I'm working with my

brother Dave we're renovating a large

lake house and today's project this is a

brand new fire pit in patio area and

what we want to do is put pavers over

this patio in order to accomplish that

the first thing we did is we put down a

gravel base and this base is that's

about four to six inches of gravel and

then over that we're going to put an

inch of sand and then on top of that

we'll lay our pavers so basically

there's two ways to compact the gravel

you may have seen there's a small like

tamper it's those are about $30 and they

sell them in the hardware stores it's

just little like about a foot square

steel bottom and then there's a wood

pole you just tamp down with with that

tool but the thing about that is it's

not all that effective so if you want to

do the job right you basically need this

this tool it's called a plate compactor

and you can just rent it at pretty much

any tool rental Center they come in two

sizes there's a 14-inch and there's a

20-inch and so with the 14 they're both

about 200 pounds so the trade-off is

with the 14-inch one it's a little bit

more maneuverable but with the 20 inch

one you get your job done faster that's

what we're about and so we run it the

big boy and we're just going to show you

how to use this it's gas-powered so you

know we're sound like a lawnmower you

just got to get it started all right so

on this machine to get it to run first

off there is this little red on/off

switch the on position is down facing

downward so we've put that on this is

the choke it's in the open position

right there so what we want to do is

close it to start it and then we'll open

it once we get the machine running and

then this is the throttle and so it can

go to a fast position or slow position

but we're going to keep it here on the

slow position just to get it running and

then it works like a lawnmower you just

pull the

Kord and hopefully it'll start up

so that we just move the choke off


we're going to give it the throttle and

try to hold on

okay well that's it that's all there is

to it basically the Machine kind of

wants to take off when you have it on

full throttle so you just kind of got to

hang on and not let it run away but

beyond that you know it's pretty easy to

use you really probably need a second

person to help you load it back into

your car because it's pretty heavy but

other than that you just hold on and get

your surface and we're ready to lay some

papers after we put our sand down so

thanks much for viewing and we'll see

you next time