How a commercial dishwasher works

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you know at home you have those domestic

dishwashers they're called they're the

white metal units that normally sit

under a work surface and what you do is

you fill them up put a tablet in you

leave them for up to two hours well

actually they're just for wimps

this is nothing like that this is a

proper man-sized giant of an industrial

dishwasher and what these things do is

they clean industrial washing up very

very quickly and very efficiently now

the way they work is by actually getting

a lot of hot water and spraying it over

the surfaces that have to be cleaned so

in here in this stainless steel box is a

tank full of really really hot water and

that has been charged with this stuff

here which is the dishwasher detergent

so when you put this rack of cups in in

this case and shut the doors what

happens is the machine automatically

turns on and you get very very powerful

jets of water squirting a very hot water

and detergent onto these surfaces here

and that's great because what it does in

a very very short space of time not like

your domestic one it gets rid of

absolutely everything that's why this

stuff here has to be really really good

because otherwise you wouldn't have the

result that you wanted in the time that

you wanted it in anyway when that cycles

done and that is actually just called

the wash cycle there's a little silence

for a second and then you hear another

noise inside this machine and that noise

is some more jets and in this case it's

a rotary jet that turns round and it

rinses everything in here with fresh

water but it's fresh water with the

difference because in that fresh water

is some of this stuff here which is

called rinse aid and what that does when

it squirts the fresh water over these

surfaces the rinse aid joins in with it

and it helps them to dry more quickly

and it puts a sparkle onto the surfaces

and the result is that when

it's out you can see that you can you

can get a really really good result in a

short space of time the other thing that

happens during that rinse cycle is that

because the rinse water is really really

hot it sanitizes all these cups so not

only do you get clean sparkly cups but

you get absolutely bacteria free

sanitized items