Farm Equipment Tour: How to Drive a Combine

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if you ever wanted to learn how to drive

a combine well today's your lucky day

many of you have been asking me in the

comments section to talk about what some

of the controls do in our combine and

what some of the weird beeping noises

mean that come from the screen and the

corner of our cab so today's the day

climb up the ladder with me for a full

cockpit tour of a John Deere s 660

combine hey there thanks for turning

down my Road if this is your first time

here my name is Carl and you've picked

the perfect time of year to come ride

along there's nothing like fall harvest

in Iowa my little brother and I both

work for local farmers full time but we

both also farm together with our cattle

herd and our hay operation everybody's

involved from the smallest to the

biggest if you don't have the joy of