Starting a Coffee Shop Business: Part One (Planning)

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- [Marcus] Coffee is an amazing thing.

- [Maliesha] It's first dates.

It's business meetings.

- [John] I mean, some theorists say that,

you know, coffee kind of started the industrial revolution

and took us out of the dark ages.

- [Jess] It's part of the love of coffee,

staying on top of the curve, ahead of the wave.

- [Marcus] I don't know.

There's nothing like it.

(funky music)

- The kind of person that excels at running

or opening a coffee house, I hate to say it,

but, really unusual person.

You have to have every skill set.

- Number one, they have to have enough capital

to open a business.

Number two, they have to have a passion to run a business.

- And you have to be willing to learn.

You have to be wide open to learning at all times

and never say, I got this right.